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The Pontine Islands, Capri, and the Amalfi Coast

Portiofino, Italy, luxury yacht charter


This is a great cruising area that can be enjoyed on a one week private yacht charter out of Naples, Italy. Explore the secret Pontine Islands, once resort vacation islands for wealthy Romans and Emperors. Head to the top of Capri for chic shopping, excellent restaurants, and watching life go by enjoying a drink at a sidewalk café. Cruise along the Amalfi Coast, stopping to wander the walking streets of Positano, a village spilling down a valley cuddled between two mountains. Visit Amalfi to see the Amalfi Cathedral, a world re-known excellent example of Italian Romanesque and Medieval Architecture. Climb the many steps up to Ravello perched on a cliff side for fabulous views of the Amalfi Coast. Every aspect of this terrific yacht charter cruising location is sure to please.

What can a Blue Monkey do for you?

Rooftops of Santorini, Greece, yacht charter

Santorini, Greece

There are many different ways to arrive in Santorini Island, Greece, however; arriving by private charter yacht cruising into the inner harbor Caldera is the most extraordinary. The present Caldera was created sometime around 1645 BC, by a huge volcanic eruption, during which volcanic ash and debris covered an ancient and very wealthy Minoan trading city near present day Akrotiri, Santorini.  The disappearance of this city, may be the basis of the legend of the “Lost City of Atlantis”.  After cruising into the Caldera in Santorini by charter yacht, head ashore to explore the Akrotiri Excavations, where extraordinary wall murals depicting Blue Monkeys were found.

St. Eustatius; A Quiet Little Island With a History That Roared

Beach, St Eustatius, Caribbean, Luxury yacht charter

St. Eustatius Beach

A quiet little island in the Caribbean, covering barely 8 square miles, St. Eustatius was once a center of commercial enterprise in the 1700’s. Known to the locals as Statia, this once bustling island has a full time population today of just a little over 3000. However, at its zenith in the 1700’s there were many more residents, many very wealthy from trade. Under the command of the Dutch West India Company, Statia was a duty free neutral trading port, with a large protected harbor sitting right in the middle of British, French and Spanish Caribbean Islands. Statia’s economy flourished in the 1700’s from trade and the island became known as “The Golden Rock”.

Enjoy Corsica and Sardinia on a Crewed Yacht Charter

 Sardinia, Private Bay, luxury yacht charter

Sardinia Bay

With the southern coast of Corsica a mere 14 nautical miles from the northern coast of Sardinia, the Costa Smeralda,  enjoying the oh so very French island of Corsica and the oh so very Italian Island of Sardinia on a private yacht charter is a taste of two great cultures in a manner only available on a crewed yacht charter of Corsica and Sardinia.

183′ Sailing Yacht Regina Prepares Delicious Yacht Charter Cuisine

An amazing four course luncheon served on sailing yacht Regina

The stunning 183′ sailing yacht REGINA wowed Northrop and Johnson Yacht Charters at the 2016 Antigua Charter Yacht Show serving an excellent luncheon especially created for industry yacht charter brokers.

Dominica Island, “The Nature Isle of the Caribbean”



A self-ruling sovereign island country since 1978, the official name of Dominica is the Commonwealth of Dominica; and is a Windward Island located in the Caribbean Lesser Antilles.  Reaching Dominica is very easy on a crewed yacht charter when cruising through the French West Indies between Guadeloupe and Martinique.  Unlike most other Caribbean Islands, Dominica is covered with rain forests, and lush vegetation through which run 365 rivers, which is one river for every day of the year.

Athens, Greece; The Birthplace of Civilization

Fishing boats on Greek Islands

Fishing boats on Greek Islands

When chartering a crewed charter yacht to cruise through the beautiful Greek Islands, surrounded by the blue green waters of the Aegean Sea, the embarkation port is usually Athens, Greece.  There is so much to see and do in Athens, here at Northrop and Johnson Yacht Charters, we recommend spending at least one night either before or after your charter exploring Athens.

The Sacred Island of Delos, Greece


Ancient Greek ruins at the archaeological island of Delos Cyclades Greece

Ancient Greek Ruins at the Archaeological Island of Delos

Delos, the center of the Cyclades, has been inhabited since at least the 3rd millennium B.C. As did the Hellenic Nation, this island rose in importance and around 480 BC, became the center of the Delian League. The Delian League located their treasury on Delos solidifying the importance of this island in the ancient world. Today Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important archeological sites in the world. This island, located just next to Mykonos is open to visitors 12 hours during the day, every day of the week. Visiting Delos on a private yacht charter, is so easy, and certainly not to be missed.

Panarea Island, a Glistening Jewel, Aeolian Islands

Streets of Panarea island in Italy

Streets of Panarea

Tucked away south of the Italian Sorrento Peninsula, in the Tyrrhean Sea, Panarea beckons as the chic jewel of the Aeolian Islands.  Like Ibiza in the Balearic Islands, and Mykonos in the Cycladic Islands, Panarea draws an international crowd to this tiny island with less than 300 year around residents.  This island is, as described by W Magazine: “the epicenter of the chicest summer scene in the Mediterranean.  Enjoy a yacht charter itinerary through the Aeolian Islands that includes Panarea, and discover the secret chic of this little island.

Ajaccio, Corsica, Birthplace of Napoleon

The colorful fishing boat in Ajaccio port Corsica island France.

 A Coolorful fishing boat in Ajaccio

This quiet town, on the west coast of Corsica, was the birthplace of one of history’s most famous persons, Napoleon Bonaparte, also referred to as “The Corsican”.  Today, having such an illustrious person born in Ajaccio, playing in its little winding streets, gave Ajaccio quite a leg up in importance, as Napoleon, once he was named Emperor, designated Ajaccio as the capital city of Corsica, an honor still in place today.   Visit this lovely port town on the Bay of Ajaccio on a private yacht charter when cruising the western coast of Corsica.