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Chartering a Luxury Yacht in the Caribbean

Caribbean, Luxury Yacht Charter

Chartering a luxury yacht in the Caribbean is the ideal getaway for those who love sparkling blue waters, dreamy golden beaches, and island-hopping adventures. It’s your own version of paradise aboard a beautiful yacht, making memories to last a lifetime. And the Caribbean is the perfect destination, particularly in the winter.

The Baths, Snorkel, Caribbean, Luxury Yacht Chartert

Best explored by private yacht charters, the Caribbean islands stretch over 500 miles and are home to some of the biggest reefscapes in the world. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why crewed luxury yacht charters in the Caribbean offer one of the most memorable experiences of your life.

Enjoy this yacht charter itinerary Rome to Naples, Italy

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast

This exciting yacht charter itinerary includes highlights of islands offshore of the western coastline of Italy, several of which that can be seen only by private yacht.  Visit, on this yacht charter itinerary, the secret Pontine Islands including Ponza and Ventotene, the chic Naples Bay Islands including Capri, and the lovely Amalfi Coast including Positano, for a fabulous one week charter in Italy boarding in Rome and disembarking in Naples, Italy.

Yacht Charter Itinerary Cruising Southern New England

yacht charter, boating charter


Enjoy the quaint islands of New England along with historic Newport, Rhode Island, and Old Mystic Seaport, and living museum of a busy seaport of yesteryear.  This is an itinerary filled with local color, local character, and local colonial history while cruising through waters filled with fish, shellfish and the famous Maine Lobster.

A Croatian Yacht Charter Itinerary Cruising through History

Kotor Old City at night

Kotor Old City

Starting in Kotor, Montenegro, a UNESCO World Heritage site, this yacht charter itinerary is a cruise from one UNESCO World Heritage site to another,  Cruise the beautiful waters of the islands and coastline of Croatia visiting the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Dubrovnik, Stari Grad and the Stari Grad Plain on the island of Hvar, and Diocletian’s Palace in Split.  Explore incredible historic sites, and then relax swimming in the crystal clear blue green waters of Croatia.

Charter Itinerary Cruising the Coastline of Cuba

Old classic American cars on one of Havana's streets on July 18 2016. There is nearly 60000 vintage American cars in Cuba


A beautiful long coastline filled with beaches, lapped by crystal clear waters, Cuba is a cruising paradise, virtually untouched by modern life.  Explore little known archipelagos of islands and cays around the main island of Cuba , as Cuba is comprised of over 4000 bits of land of varying sizes.  Whether cruising through islands to the north of the main island of Cuba, islands to the south or along the coast of the main island, white sand beaches beckon with beautiful coral gardens below the water line and tropical rain forests withan outstanding number of birds and wildlife await on land.  While inland, fertile green plains and valleys, where plantations once flourished, lay in green swaths waiting to be explored.

Alaska Charter Itinerary, Juneau to Ketchikan

Sea Kayaking In Alaska on Yacht charter

Sea Kayaking around Ice Floes

Charter the southern inside passage of Alaska on a crewed yacht charter to have a fabulous up front and personal experience, as part of the natural life of Alaska.  Sit in pods of whales bubble net feeding, watch glaciers calve into the waters below, see bears fishing for dinner, watch frolicking harbor seals, and rambling mountain goats and moose.  Visit with colonies of sea lions, sit in anchorages surrounded by Bald Eagles, fish for salmon, king crab, shrimp and halibut, and hike through virgin forests.  Alaska is a fabulous yacht charter destination unlike any other, and a private yacht charter on a yacht smaller than a mini cruise ship, is the way to be right smack dab in the middle of all that Alaska has to offer.

Yacht Charter Itinerary Cruising the Sea of Cortez

Beach in Cabo San Lucas Mexico on the Sea of Cortez

Cabo San Lucas

From Cabo San Lucas to La Paz, a yacht charter itinerary cruising the Sea of Cortez in Mexico includes historic towns, lovely beaches, extraordinary rock formations, seaside cliffs striated with beautiful colors, and refreshing waters.  Enjoy swimming with sea lions, snorkeling or scuba diving with schools of fish, shelling on deserted beaches, and visiting historic Spanish Mission towns, on a private crewed charter in the Sea of Cortez.

Sail to Grenada on the Spice Island Breezes

Sunrise in Grenada

Sunrise in Grenada

It is claimed, that on a cruising approach to Grenada, the Spice Island of the Caribbean, one can smell the scents of the various spices grown on the island wafting on the balmy breezes. Grenada is home to spice plantations where nutmeg, mace, allspice, cinnamon, cloves. turmeric, ginger, bay leaves, cocoa beans, and coffee beans are grown, harvested and processed for export around the world.  In fact, Grenada grows one third of the world’s production of nutmeg, a nut that is surrounded by a red hued casing that when ground is known as mace.  Grenada also figures as a large world producer of cinnamon, cloves, turmeric, and ginger. And all is grown on an island in the southern reaches of the Caribbean Sea that is all of 11 miles long.  With an international airport, Grenada is great island from which to begin or end a luxury yacht charter of the southern islands in the Caribbean.

Yacht Charter Itinerary for the French West Indies

Guadeloupe Beach

Guadeloupe Beach

With the scents of spices and freshly baked baguettes drifting in the breezes, enjoy the French West Indies and Dominica on a crewed private yacht charter itinerary cruising from Guadeloupe to Martinique.  An inbetween the northern French West Indies island of Guadeloupe and the southern island of Martinique be sure to visit the sovereign nation of Dominica, a Caribbean island unlike any other.  A yacht charter itinerary in this part of the Caribbean Sea, is a cruise through an international world of uniquely different islands set apart from the rest of the islands in the Caribbean.

Vis, Croatia, Visit on a Yacht Charter

Vis Stiniva Bay , Croatia, Yacht Charter


One of the largest islands in Croatia, Vis is also located the farthest west of all Croatian Islands as the frontier island on the western edge of Croatia, and is a terrific island to visit on a crewed yacht charter.  Vis was an important island during WWII, due to being the western outpost of Yugoslavia.  WWII buffs might enjoy a guided tour of WWII landmarks on the island.  Others will enjoy the quiet lifestyle, lovely little villages and seafaring feel of this island filled with lobster fishermen, and lobster pots piled high on the town quays.  Those is search of Ancient history will not be disappointed, and as always there are beautiful anchorages, and beaches on which to enjoy fun in the sun and the clear blue green waters of Croatia.