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Enjoy a Luxury Yacht Charter in Croatia

Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia

Sailing Croatia is truly a luxury yacht charter experience cruising through waters filled with lovely islands – over a thousand!  This country offers fascinating places to discover on a private yacht charter that still truly deserve the description “unspoiled” including:

  • • Beautiful anchorages of pristine clear blue and green waters;
  • • Expanses of olive tree fields, farmed for home pressed olive oil, and bee hive colonies producing local honey;
  • Shellfish farms, and waters filled with fresh seafood;
  • • Fields of grape vines providing bounty to boutique wineries producing great local wines.

All combined with borrowed influences in cuisine and architecture left by centuries of foreign traders that sailed these shores so long ago, that today are distilled into a curious blend of old and new.

#DestinationConfidential Our Favorite Yacht Charter things to do and see



Dubrovnik www.njcharters.com 3
Dubrovnik, Croatia

Board just outside of Dubrovnik. Dubrovnik, the “jewel of the Adriatic”, was an independent, merchant republic for some 700 years and has enchanted the wealthy, the powerful, and of course, the sailor, throughout its remarkable history. The old town, completed in the 13th century, remains virtually unchanged. After visiting Dubrovnik, cruise to Sipanska Luka to overnight on anchor. If dinner is wanted ashore, Restaurant Marka is recommended, right on the water.

Polace Restaurant Ankora on the quay www.njcharters.com
Polace Restaurants Along Quay

Cruise along the Peninsula Peljesa to the very green island of Mljet, 95% of which is a National Park. Cruise up a long fjord on the island to the little town of Polace, so called for the ruins of a Roman palace (polace). Ashore Restaurant Ankora creates a black squid ink risotto, which is virtually a Croatian national dish. The area surrounding Polace is filled with hiking and bicycle trails. Located within Mljet National Park are two lakes, with buildings from the old Benedictine Monastery on Islet Melita. Today you can explore the various buildings and hike around the little island.

Entrance-To-Old-Town--Korcula www.njcharters.com

After breakfast, cruise to Korcula Old Town to explore this traditional medieval walled city, which is one of the largest medieval walled cities still in existence today. Inside the Old Town are shops, restaurants, cafes and a museum in the house considered to be the birthplace of Marco Polo. Just off of the coast of the island of Korcula, is the island of Vrnik, which offers great secluded swimming locations. Overnight.

Gulin Farm Dining Area www.njcharters.com
Gulin Farm

Cruise to Vela Luka to hike inland to the Gulin Farm for a “Homestead” meal at the farm. local family farms will provide a meal (reservations required) of home cooked traditional Croatian food including fresh wood grilled fish, home grown vegetables and meats cooked with herbs under the traditional Peka lid covered with cinders and sealed with hard wood ash.

Vis Monastery www.njcharters.com

The island of Vis is large and well worth visiting. In the Gradina area are remnants of the ancient Greek town of Ussa. On the small Pirovo promontory are remains of a Roman theatre and thermal baths. You may want to head off to the island of Bisevo, where a quick jump in the dinghy will reveal the “Blue Grotto”.

Hvar Town Quay and Small Boat Basin www.njcharters.com
Hvar Town Quay

Leave for the island of Hvar. Sitting in a strategic trading location, Hvar has been a natural stop for seafarers throughout seafaring history. Dominating the skyline are remains of an extensive castle. Hvar is known for wine production, and growing lavender. Hvar is also known as the cosmopolitan spot of Croatia for nightlife especially at Hula Hula, Carpe Diem and Carpe Diem Beach.

Trogir Fortress Walls www.njcharters.com
Trogir Fortress Walls

Cruise to Trogir, a little walled medieval jewel of a town. Within the medieval walls, are many buildings from the 13th century including the 13th century Cathedral of St. Lawrence featuring the Portal by Master Radovan. Within the walls, you may be treated to a group of Klapa Singers that gather to sing Croatian folksongs.

Split Diocletians palace www.njcharters.com
Diocletians Palace

Head to Split to disembark. After disembarking in Split, you may want to visit Diocletian’s Palace. Built at the turn of the 4th century AD, approximately 1600 years ago, by the Emperor Diocletian as a retirement palace, the location is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Kotor Bay www.njcharters.com
Kotor Bay

The Bay of Kotor, one of the few fjords in the region, is truly memorable. With roots dating back to the site of a 3rd-century Roman military outpost, the fortress city of Kotor was a Byzantine stronghold in the 6th century; and today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cruise in the afternoon down the bay to Dubrovnik to overnight.

Old city Dubrovnik www.njcharters.com

After breakfast, get ready to visit the spectacular walled city of Dubrovnik, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The wonderfully preserved 15th Century “Old Town” features ancient buildings, squares, cobbled streets and fountains, all created from the same beautiful cut stone. In the afternoon, from Dubrovnik cruise to Celo on the island of Kolocep and then on to Sipanska Luka, a delightful little village. Take a lovely walk up the hill to the church where you can see for miles around. Overnight.

Grave on island Mljet in Croatia
Mljet Island

Leave early for the Island of Mljet. Swim and have lunch at a little secluded bay and then on to Polace, (literally “palace”) to explore the ruins of a Roman palace right in town. Much of the surrounding area is a national park with lovely hiking and cycling trails. Head over to the lake and take the little lake boat to visit the old buildings on the island that were once home to a monastery. Have dinner on board or ashore. Ankora Restaurant makes an excellent fresh Black Squid Ink Risotto. Overnight.

Street-At-Korcula-Croatia www.njcharters.com

Cruise in the morning for Korcula. On arrival head ashore for a walk around the fortified medieval town of Korcula (pronounced KorCHoola). Marco Polo was said to have been born in Korcula. Wander the old town where the streets are laid out like a fish skeleton for protection from the winds and perhaps you will hear locals performing Klapa singing on a street corner. In late afternoon leave for Hvar. Hvar town is overlooked by a large castle. This is where the beautiful people hang out. Overnight, and for those wanting a taste of the chic nightlife, head to Hula Hula for a drink before heading on to Carpe Diem or Carpe Diem Beach after midnight for dancing until dawn.

Trogir Main Quay www.njcharters.com
Trogir Main Quay

Leave early for Rogac, a hamlet of the village of Grohote on the northern coast of the island of Solta. The cove of Banje features the remains of a Roman fishpond. Enjoy lunch and a swim before heading up to Trogir to overnight.
Trogir is a small town outside of Split. This medieval town is a favorite stop, offering restaurants, markets, and important medieval architecture, including the 15th Century Trogir chapel and the 13th Century portal by the master Radovan. After lunch head toward the ancient city of Split. The medieval town developed within and around the Emperor Diocletian’s palace ruins, which is now a UNESCO  “monument of universal importance”. A great restaurant in Split is Nostromo near Diocletian’s Palace and the open air daily fish market, with the restaurant featuring, of course, fresh caught fish and seafood.

Vis Stiniva Bay www.njcharters.com

After breakfast, cruise south to Vis. Perhaps spend an evening in Komiza, where Tito hid from the Germans during WW2. Enjoy lunch after a short morning sail to the off-lying island of Bisevo, where a quick jump in the dinghy will reveal “the Blue Grotto”, an underwater cave that during the morning is lit from the sun, giving the water an amazing color. Head back to Vis Town, a charming old town with some excellent restaurants. Overnight.

Central Square Korcula www.njcharters.com
Central Square Korcula

A morning sail returns you back to the Island of Korcula, and the port of Vela Luka. All along in this area are wineries, so be sure to taste the local wines. Overnight.

Croatia Coast www.njcharters.com
Island of Lastovo

Cruise to the deserted island of Lastovo. A military island until 1992, Lastovo was out of bounds to civilians and thus is completely undeveloped and spectacularly pretty. Then cruise on to the old town of Cavtat, in the very centre of the South Adriatic, the southernmost region of Croatia. The town of beautiful beaches and luxury hotels, together with a traditional way of life and preserved customs, waits for you. Overnight.

Wake for a relaxing breakfast before disembarking.