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Manastir / Cleopatra's Bay, Turkey

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Charter Yacht Anchorage in Manastir Bay, Turkey
Charter Yacht Anchorage in Manastir Bay, Turkey

Manastir Bay is a very popular charter yacht destination. It is an exquisite setting of fresh, pine-fragrant air, and clear water covering Greek monastery ruins that are half submerged. An hour’s hike from the ruins is ancient Lydae. Rarely visited, Lydae features mausolea, agora foundations, statue remnants, Corinthian column sections and inscribed pedestals from the Roman and Byzantine eras.

Local legend claims Cleopatra visited Manister Bay twice, in 46 and 32 BC – the latter time while honeymooning with Marc Antony. He was en route to Actium and Cleopatra was transporting Egyptian treasury funds for his campaign. Cleopatra is said to have bathed in these waters. The fine sand on the small beach is unique to Turkey – legend says that Antony brought it from Africa to prove his love to Cleopatra.

Cleopatra's Bay, Turkey
Cleopatra's Bay


"We asked for history, and got it cruising the Ancient Trading Route along southern Turkey. So much to see, and all along a gorgeous coast with lovely water. I think it must be far easier to see this area by sea than land." 
--The J Family

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