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Monday, May 7, 2012

Yacht Charter; the Diapontia Islands of Greece


Othonoi Island, Greece

Just north of the Ionian Island of Corfu are the Diapontia Islands of Greece waiting to be explored on a crewed yacht charter along the western coast of Greece and the Ionian Islands.  There are five islands in this little island group, which are two to seven miles north of the northern coast of Corfu.  The delights of these five islands are best explored on a crewed yacht charter, which is one of the only ways to visit the Diapontia Islands hidden off of the mainland of Greece and a part of the many Greek Islands available to cruise through on a crewed yacht charter in Greece.

The main Diapontia Islands are the islands of Erikousa, which is the farthest northern island, the island of Mathraki, which is the farthest  southern island and the island of Orthoni, one of the largest of the Diapontia Islands and probably the most well known.  The lovely Port of Ammo on Orthoni is a great stop on a crewed yacht charter. 

The island of Orthoni is probably the most well known, as this island is believed to be the mythical island of Ogygia, in Homer’s writings, and here on this island supposedly, according to Homer, is where Ulysses was kept captive by Calypso, the nymph daughter of Atlas for seven years after the Trojan War.  The believed to be Cave of Calypso on the island of Orthoni, is able to be visited today; however, only by ship’s tender, so only a very few are able to visit the infamous supposed Cave of Calypso when visiting the island of Orthoni, which would be a unique experience when on a crewed yacht  charter of the Diapontia Islands.  The designated Cave of Calypso on Orthoni is quite large at over 100 meters long, 20 meters high and 10-15 meters wide and can be entered by ships tender to fully explore this mythical Muse’s cave.

Greece Typical Village Island Taverna

The Diapontia Islands are great for those that really want to get away from it all.  The islands are rich in vegetation, with beautiful beaches and many sea caves.  There are few inhabitants year around, and those that do make this island group their home are mainly engaged in fishing and agriculture.  The villages are very picturesque with traditional houses and churches.  It is in the villages in this island chain where one could find the true local Greek Taverna experience for not only great local Taverna food and fresh seafood, but also to experience the Greek Taverna as the community center of any small traditional village.  Sit back and spend an evening in the middle of village life in a local taverna in these islands.

Include the Diapontia Islands in a crewed yacht charter of the Ionian Islands for a feel of the Greek Islands of yesteryear, and experience Greek Islands untouched by modern tourism.  Visiting anchorages and areas within the Diapontia Islands where visiting by crewed yacht charter might be one of the only ways to explore and enjoy this little island group.

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