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Why Crewed Charter?

Your yacht vacation is catered to your ideal unique experience. We’ll expertly match you with the most luxurious yachts, complete with a professional captain and chef ready to spoil you. Your luxury yacht crew is there for you to anticipate your needs and provide the highest standard of service on your own floating bit of paradise.

You’ll enjoy living for a week or two with the amazing crew – they’re always happy, smiling, and appropriately attentive. You are the guests on your own private floating villa. The captain, chef, and crew are here to make your experience memorable and enjoyable.

Wine choices and meals expertly customized according to what you desire, and your own special customized yacht charter itinerary. Discreet, complete service is our pleasure to arrange.

We know a charter yacht vacation is a big commitment, no matter what your budget . We’ll find out everything we need to know from you about your preferences and interests. Then, the crew and chef will create an atmosphere, onboard experience, and menu to delight, creating memories to last a lifetime. during your family reunion, wedding, honeymoon and more with our fabulous accommodations.