Written by Missy Johnston

Nassau, Bahamas, Yacht charter

Nassau, Bahamas

Although it was overrun by pirates in the early 1700’s and proclaimed a “Pirate’s Republic,” Nassau, Bahamas is now a popular tourist destination, known for hot spots such as Atlantis rather than walking the plank. And there’s no better way to experience the gorgeous waters surrounding Nassau and all the city has to offer than on a luxury yacht charter. We have a list of the top attractions to help you start planning your dream yacht charter getaway. 

Nassau Lighthouse on Paradise Island Bahamas njcharters.com

Nassau Lighthouse on Paradise Island Bahamas

A yacht charter in this lovely destination usually begins and ends in New Providence Island, Nassau—the capital of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. There are a number of marinas throughout Nassau where charter yachts can dock, including Atlantis Resort and Albany Marina. There is plenty to see and do during a  luxury yacht charter trip, but here’s a little taste of what awaits:

  • Beaches: The coastline of New Providence Island has many beaches. Some of the more well-known ones (Junkanoo, Cable, and Cabbage beach) are more crowded, but on a private yacht charter you can enjoy the more remote white sand beaches on the southwestern end of the island.
  • Museums: The one place you will see pirates is the Pirates of Nassau Museum, while the Pompey Museum displays exhibits about the African experience in the Bahamas. 
    Pirates of Nassau Museum njcharters.com

    Pirates of Nassau Museum

  • Nature: One of the largest collections of various species of palm trees can be seen at the Retreat Gardens. Then, enjoy the monkeys, flamingos, and other tropical animals at the Ardastra Gardens. 
  • Shopping and entertainment: There is no shortage of options when it comes to fun and shopping. The Bahama Craft Center and the Straw Market sell a variety of handmade and unique items, while the resorts and casinos offer all types of nightlife activities. 
Cabbage Beach Nassau Bahamas njcharters.com

Cabbage Beach Nassau Bahamas

The list goes on, but the best way to discover Nassau is to see it for yourself. Let us help you craft a customized private yacht charter itinerary that lets you explore this paradise how you want, when you want. Contact us today.