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Explore the Caribbean Islands of Antigua and Barbuda on a Private Luxury Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

Anegada BVI Caribbean

Caribbean Views

There’s no better way to visit Antigua and its neighboring island, Barbuda, than on a luxury yacht charter. Antigua and Barbuda Islands are among the Caribbean’s hottest destinations. The diverse experiences that these islands offer distinguishes them from other island destinations in the Caribbean. 

With far more to offer the curious traveler than just drinking tropical cocktails while lounging on the beach, Antigua and Barbuda have a blend of unique, unforgettable experiences. Enjoy  pristine beaches, natural wildlife sanctuaries, ancient petroglyphs, hidden caves, and colonial history, especially that of the mark Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson left on the island of Antigua. Both islands are the ideal destinations for your private luxury yacht cruise.  


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A Treasured Gem: Explore St. Lucia, Caribbean, on a Luxury Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

View of the Pitons in St Lucia

View of the Pitons in St Lucia

Imagine paradise. Your St. Lucia, Caribbean, luxury yacht charter can be your private tour of the crown jewel of the Caribbean. The island, steeped in a rich history, is encompassed by turquoise waters that glitter like emeralds and sparkling sand beaches as pure as diamonds. You’re not alone in your desire to explore this paradise. Its allure has been a siren song for centuries. Britain and France squared off in 14 duels over the course of a century, each vying desperately to earn the lady’s hand. This fascinating history of colonial sparring underscores the desirability of the locale. 


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Feast on Barbecued Lobster on a Private Yacht Charter in Anegada


Written by Missy Johnston

Anegada Beautiful White Sandy Beaches

Anegada Beautiful White Sandy Beaches

Far to the east in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) archipelago lies Anegada Island. The highest point on this sandy cay is a mere 28 feet above sea level. In fact, the island’s name comes from the low, flat landscape—“tierra anegada,” which means “flooded terrain.” While it’s the second largest in size of all the British Virgin Islands, it is home to roughly 280 inhabitants (the smallest population of all of the populated islands in this chain). The coral reefs surrounding Anegada call for a skilled captain and a shallow draft yacht such as a sailing or power catamaran, but the beauty (and lobster) that await make this an unforgettable island to visit on a private yacht charter. 


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Start Planning Your Private Yacht Charter to Secluded Parts of the Caribbean


Caribbean beach

Beautiful White Sand Caribbean Beach

In the market to plan a remote getaway with tropical vibes that include white sandy beaches, pristine waters, and gorgeous greenery? Look no further than the Caribbean islands. There is an abundance of remote islands that make up the Carribean—many of which are hidden gems and absolutely perfect for a private yacht charter vacation. Start planning now for a remote winter getaway on a private yacht charter; the winter weather in the Caribbean is always spectacular. 

Prime vacationing season for cruising in the Caribbean usually starts in December. Many private yachts are available for Thanksgiving though, which also happens to be a great week for a yachting charter vacation. We recommend visiting some of the hidden islands that are fairly remote and will allow for maximum privacy and relaxation on a luxury yacht charter in  the Caribbean.


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Visit This Hidden Culinary Treasure in Dominica by Yacht Charter


Dominica Island

Dominica is known for adventure. People are drawn to this Caribbean island for scuba diving and snorkeling, extreme hikes to local lakes that boil with geothermal activity, river rafting, and canyoneering through crevasses that lead to waterfall-lined rivers. As such, it is an optimal private yacht charter destination, especially for those that want an action-packed charter. Something many might not know about the Dominican though, is that there is rich culinary history and high-class dining available on the island—perhaps the Caribbean’s best kept secret. One particular hidden gem is at the Zing Zing—a high-dining restaurant located at a boutique resort, Secret Bay. Here, there is a new head chef in charge, Chef Grant Lynott, who is determined to bring back authentic Domincan cuisine to the menu. One of the best ways to dine at Zing Zing is to visit Dominica by yacht charter.  

The Indian River

River Rafting in Dominica

Domincan cuisine today includes French and English influences, due to the attempted colonization of the island by France and England. There are traces of their influences left scattered throughout the island though the Domincans won sovereignty in the 1970’s. Chef Lynott is challenging his team of chefs to go back in time, prior to the French and English invading the island, to recreate high-class meals with authentic, native-grown ingredients. There are ingredients that can be found everywhere on the island growing naturally, rather than being meticulously planted. In many ways, Dominica Island remains untouched by the tourism industry seen on nearby islands which makes it a wonderful destination to visit—perfect for a private yacht charter vacation. 

Trafalgar Falls

Emerald Pool – Dominica

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Yacht Charter Favorite Willy T Returns to British Virgin Islands


Willy T Photo

Floating restaurant William Thornton, also known as the Willy T, was a casualty of Hurricane Irma in 2017. After some back-and-forth with the government, it has now returned, which you can read about here

The William Thornton was moved from “The Bight” at Norman Island to its new spot: Great Harbour on Peter Island. Willy T is a famous favorite of the yacht charter crowd. On board, charterers can chow down on honey-stung chicken and conch fritters along with select adult beverages. Be sure to purchase a Hurricane Irma T-shirt created to commemorate its brief absence, and read more about this BVI must-visit spot on the NJ Charters Blog.

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Why You Should Choose a Caribbean Yacht Charter in the Winter


sunset on the island of Virgin Gorda, BVI

Beautiful Sunset on Virgin Gorda in the BVI’s

A warm Caribbean adventure in winter will cure even the deepest cold-weather blues. Frommers calls the winter climate from Puerto Rico south a “perpetual May,” averaging between 75°F and 85°F. In the islands, winter is also the dry season, with only the occasional shower. In other words, you can look forward to near-perfect conditions for your winter in the Caribbean chartering a yacht

Not only that—the main sailing season in the Caribbean begins in November and ends in July. The primary high season runs from mid-December through to the end of May. Anyone searching for a warm-weather getaway chartering a yacht from either Europe or North America will be delighted by the tropical, storm-free conditions.

The weather is only the first great reason to book a private yacht charter this winter in the Caribbean. You can find the perfect hotspot for yourself and your family based upon the things you love to do and the type of exploration that appeals to you. The following is everything we like about all of our favorite places, along with a little on the appeal of spending the holidays in the islands. Finally, we will detail average private yacht charter pricing for a Caribbean yacht charter.


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Caribbean Yacht Charter: St. Barths, St. Martin, Anguilla and Beyond


Beautiful Waters of St. Martin

Beautiful Waters of St. Martin

Enjoy a Caribbean yacht charter itinerary on a private charter yacht cruising between the islands of St. Martin, Anguilla, and St. Barths, and then cruise a little beyond to Saba, St. Kitts, Nevis and St. Eustatius.  Neither Saba or St. Eustatius have anchoring locations for an overnight stay, but St. Kitts and Nevis do.  Cruise on either a sailing yacht or motor yacht to St. Kitts and Nevis from St. Barths, stopping to explore the quaint little island of Saba, its own sovereign state, on the way.  And when returning back from St. Kitts and Nevis to St. Barths and St. Martin, stop in St. Eustatius, once a very busy and wealthy trading center in the Caribbean in the 1700’s.  The three islands of St. Martin, St. Barths, and Anguilla are fabulous, but mix in a little bit more on your Caribbean yacht charter adventure by including Saba, St. Eustatius, St. Kitts, and Nevis.


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Yacht Charter Itinerary; Cruise the Grenadines


Luxury Yacht Charter, Caribbean

Start in St. Lucia, with good international airline flights in and end in St. Vincent, with international airline flights out, and cruise St. Vincent and the Grenadines on a luxury yacht charter in the southern part of the Caribbean Islands.  Included in this yacht charter itinerary starting in St. Lucia, are visits to St. Vincent, Bequia, Mustique, Canouan, Mayreau, and possibly the highlight of the area, the National Park of the Tobago Cays.  This is an area of Caribbean Islands where time has stood still, and life meanders on much as it did 100 years ago, except for the chic island of Mustique, where you never know whom you might see.  A nation of individual islands, St. Vincent and the Grenadines is a lovely cruising location on a crewed yacht charter.


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Post Irma, The Virgin Islands are ready and waiting


Caribbean Beach

Caribbean Beach

Post Hurricane Irma, both the U.S. and British Virgin Islands have returned to being the same lovely yacht charter cruising area as always, with great protected anchorages, pristine beaches, and beautiful blue green clear water with extraordinary coral gardens below.  Boarding to cruise the British Virgin Islands can be in either St. Thomas or Tortola.  Often air flights have a better schedule for flights to St. Thomas, but flights into Tortola bring you right into the epicenter of the British Virgin Islands to board your boat, and start your charter without the Customs requirements for clearance from the U.S. to the British Virgin Islands, that a charter start in St. Thomas requires.  Either way, besides a few blue tarp roofs left as a parting gift from Irma, this great cruising location is ready and waiting for the winter charter season.  Attached, is a yacht charter itinerary for post-Irma, from St. Thomas to St. Thomas for sailing  in the British Virgin Islands.


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