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Croatia Yacht Charter-Of Wines and Oysters


Wine Barrels in CratiaCruise southern Croatia on a private yacht charter and enjoy boutique award winning wines and fresh oysters just plucked out of the water.  Croatia is emerging as a boutique wine producing country with award winning wines being produced.  And Shell Farms growing oysters are popping up in bays where brackish water as the growing ground is felt to provide the best flavor in these erudite mollusks.  Great wines and fresh oysters, for a wine and oyster lover, enjoying both while cruising Croatia on a crewed yacht charter in an extra bonus.

Many of the wines locally produced by boutique Croatian wineries will never be tasted outside of the area or off the island where the wine is produced, as the boutique batches are so small and the locals so knowledgeable about great wines, that the vintages never last long enough for a bottle to be exported.  Some varietals at these boutique wineries are sold out to locals in the know long before the grapes are even picked.


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Our Favorite Mediterranean Yacht Charter Destinations and Why We Love Them


Navigating Your Way to the Best Mediterranean Yacht Cruise

 Cinque Terre, Liguria, Italy

Beautiful Mediterranean Waters near Cinque Terre, Italy

Looking to book your next private yacht charter in the Mediterranean? From the East Mediterranean to the West Mediterranean, each region offers something unique and special. Think Greece, Italy, Sardinia, the French Riviera, and more, where you can experience different cultures and savor your days between land and sea.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor of the Mediterranean or a seasoned sailor, you’ll indulge your senses and enjoy stunning scenery. It’s truly a magical escape you’ll never forget. A luxury yacht charter is the ideal way to enjoy and explore these Mediterranean regions. Northrop-Johnson Yacht Charters is here to help you navigate the right luxury yacht vacation for your upcoming holiday. Below are our favorite Mediterranean yacht charter destinations and why we love them.

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Summer Yacht Charters in Croatia


Dubrovnik walls and ramparts, croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia. Walls and Ramparts of the city

One of the most popular yacht charter destinations in the summer is Croatia, and for good reason. A world-class destination, Croatia features more than 5,000 kilometers of stunning Adriatic coastline. One of Europe’s most pristine sailing grounds, Croatia offers a plethora of uninhabited islands, harbors, bays, and hospitable cities to enjoy. There are more than 1,200 islands off this part of the Adriatic coast, along with majestic waterfalls, secluded coves, and ancient walled villages.


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Where is the Real Game of Thrones “Kings Landing”?


Dubrovnik, Croatia

Filming Location for King’s Landing Harbor

Where else but Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia.  Anyone who has been to Old Town Dubrovnik knows why this lovely walled town is the perfect setting for “Kings Landing”, the capital city of the “Seven Kingdoms” in the popular Game of Thrones TV series.  Anyone who has not been to Old Town Dubrovnik, will recognize immediately on arrival, why Old Town Dubrovnik is the perfect setting to “bring to life”, the magical stronghold of the Lannister Family. Visiting by crewed yacht charter is the perfect way to see Old Town from both land and sea; just as viewers see “King’s Landing”, from both land and sea.


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Cruising Croatia with The Game of Thrones


Dubrovnik. Croatia

Dubrovnik. Croatia

See Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia cruising on a private yacht charter. For any Game of Thrones TV Show Aficionados, southern Croatia is the place to cruise on a yacht charter itinerary as so many of the important scenes were filmed along the southern Croatian coast.  Think “King’s Landing”, “Westeros”, the “Red Keep”, “The Purple Wedding Reception”, and the “Gardens” where so many of the characters, especially the Lannisters, and even the Tyrells, plotted and planned. Plus see where many more important scenes were filmed in locations in Croatia that all exude that magical Game of Thrones feel.  All of the filming locations in Croatia were coastal or island based; perfect to visit by crewed yacht charter.  Follow along on this 8 day yacht charter itinerary, and unravel the various locations in Croatia where filming took place for past seasons and will again for the much anticipated final season. See for yourself on a crewed yacht charter, the Game of Thrones filming locations in Croatia while also enjoying the beauty, water and history that Croatia offers.


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A Croatian Yacht Charter Itinerary Cruising through History


Kotor Old City at night

Kotor Old City

Starting in Kotor, Montenegro, a UNESCO World Heritage site, this Croatian yacht charter itinerary is a cruise from one UNESCO World Heritage site to another,  Cruise the beautiful waters of the islands and coastline of Croatia visiting the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Dubrovnik, Stari Grad and the Stari Grad Plain on the island of Hvar, and Diocletian’s Palace in Split.  Explore incredible historic sites, and then relax swimming in the crystal clear blue green waters of Croatia on this Croatian yacht charter itinerary.


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Vis, Croatia, Visit on a Yacht Charter


Vis Stiniva Bay , Croatia, Yacht Charter


One of the largest islands in Croatia, Vis is also located the farthest west of all Croatian Islands as the frontier island on the western edge of Croatia, and is a terrific island to visit on a crewed yacht charter.  Vis was an important island during WWII, due to being the western outpost of Yugoslavia.  WWII buffs might enjoy a guided tour of WWII landmarks on the island.  Others will enjoy the quiet lifestyle, lovely little villages and seafaring feel of this island filled with lobster fishermen, and lobster pots piled high on the town quays.  Those is search of Ancient history will not be disappointed, and as always there are beautiful anchorages, and beaches on which to enjoy fun in the sun and the clear blue green waters of Croatia.


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Yacht Charter Cruising Itinerary Split to Sibenik, Croatia


yacht charter, luxury yachts, croatia

Split Diocletian’s Palace

Including the Kornati, Sibenik, and Zadar Archipelagos in Croatia, the land of over 1000 islands, this yacht charter itinerary from Split, Croatia to Sibenik, Croatia, is sure to please.  Enjoy also visiting Krka Falls, a Croatian National Park and Landmark on the Krka River while enjoying your crewed yacht charter cruising through the lovely waters of Croatia.


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Motor Yacht 10 Day Yacht Charter Itinerary Cruising Croatia


Kotor Old City at night

Kotor Old City

Starting just south of Croatia, in Montenegro, this yacht charter cruising itinerary starts in Kotor, Montenegro, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and ends in Dubrovnik, Croatia, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  In between two UNESCO World Heritage Sites, visit the highlights of southern Croatia, including other UNESCO World Heritage Sites, as for centuries, this lovely area has been prized as a resort location for many different civilizations, that have all left their mark to be discovered today on a luxury yacht charter.


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