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Soak Up the Sun on Private Yacht Charter to Montenegro


Written by Missy Johnston

Petrovac, Montenegro

Petrovac, Montenegro

How does sunshine, beautiful sandy beaches, and a deep dive into local history sound? Look no further than a private yacht charter trip to Montenegro, one of the sunniest destinations in the Mediterranean. 

The Montenegro coast boasts a number of harbor towns to visit while cruising in a private charter yacht, but day trips can also be planned inland if desired from the yacht—that’s the beauty of a personalized luxury yacht charter vacation. Your customized yacht charter itinerary will be filled with just the right amount of sun, sand, and civilization based on what you would like to see and do, as it is all about you! 


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Keeping Your Social Distance On A Remote Croatia Yacht Charter


Dubrovnik. Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

What is the key to taking the perfect holiday? The Croatians, specifically the Dalmatians, would say it’s fjaka—which means a “deliciously lazy mood of utter contentment.” We’d have to agree. Croatia is an excellent private yacht charter destination for a relaxing summertime vacation. With clean fresh water, an abundance of islands (1000 to be exact), and TONS of remote anchorages, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy the beauty and relaxation of a yacht charter vacation in Croatia. Below, we share a list of 13 of the best destinations in Croatia and ways to enjoy your vacation.


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A Medieval Destination Complete With Truffles: Private Yacht Charter Visit to Motovun, Croatia

Croatia Istria Motovun Medieval Village

Motovun Medieval Village, Croatia

Travel back in time while enjoying scenic views, tasty truffles, and a luxurious charter vacation with a private yacht charter to Motovun, Croatia. This beautiful medieval town is known for its truffles, so if you are a truffle lover, you’ll be in paradise. Outside of those tasty little treats, the luscious and green rolling hills are to die for, the food and wine are spectacular, and you’ll have no trouble finding wonderful things to do while you’re in Motovun, such as visiting the little shops and walking the town walls for spectacular views of the countryside. From either Rovinj or Pula, both of which are lovely harbors for a yacht charter stop, it is an easy drive to spend a day in Istria visiting Motovun and the surrounding countryside. 

Motovun Forest Trained Truffle Hunting Dogs Pointing a Truffle

Truffle Hunting Dogs Pointing out a Truffle

Ready to hunt for buried treasure in the form of truffles? Schedule a truffle-hunting exhibition for the ultimate truffle experience out of the little village of Livade, close by Motovon. This tour takes you through the local forest where you’ll be met by a Croatian Truffle Hunter for a Truffle Hunting Exhibition, complete with specially trained truffle-hunting dogs. Afterwards, enjoy a meal featuring truffles at Zigante Restaurant in Livade. If truffle hunting doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, there are also many wineries, olive groves, and bee hives around the Motovun countryside where stopping in will provide a taste of all that Istria has to offer. You can even taste donkey milk if you have the yen. Contact us today for a charter in Croatia to include the ports of Rovinj and/or Pula for a truffle-tastic day trip inland to Istria and Motovun, Croatia.

Croatia Istria Motovun Forest Truffle Hunter with Turffle Hunting Dogs

Truffle Hunter with Turffle Hunting Dogs

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Cruising on Board a Charter Yacht into Rovinj, Croatia


Rovinj Old Town, Croatia

Rovinj Old Town, Croatia

Cruise into Rovinj Harbor on your charter yacht and enjoy a traditional fishing village on the Istrian Peninsula in northern Croatia where a copper statue of their Patron Saint, St. Euphemia points out to sea when the weather is good for fishing, and into town when weather is poor, and no fisherman should leave the harbor.  All locals abide by what their good St. Euphemia tells them and only leave the harbor to fish when the statue, perched on the top of the bell tower of the Church of St. Euphemia on the highest point of land in town, points out to sea.  And it is wise, when on a charter yacht, to take heed of St. Euphemia’s message as well as St. Euphemia is the Patron Saint of Rovinj after she in her sarcophagus floated into the harbor sometime in 900 A.D., some say from a spectral ship.


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Visiting Croatia: 5 Top Luxury Vacation Spots

Hvar Island Town in Croatia

Hvar Island Town in Croatia

Planning a trip to Croatia? This beautiful country boasts hundreds of islands, 10 World Heritage sites, and thousands of miles of pristine coast. In particular, five destinations get top marks from visitors. Dubrovnik, for example, is called the “Pearl of the Adriatic.” Enjoy European boutique shopping, magnificent palaces, and cobblestone streets filled with living history. 

Did you know that most of these locations can also be discovered, explored, and enjoyed on a private crewed yacht charter? In fact, the Blue Cave on Bisevo is most easily seen by private yacht charter. Your captain can arrange for a private tour boat to come to the swim platform of your charter yacht to take you into the beautiful Blue Cave, rather than seeing the Cave by ticket on a public tour boat.

To learn more about some of the country’s top must-visit locations, check out this article. Whichever spot you choose, you’ll enjoy the sublime sights, sounds, and tastes of Croatia.

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Yacht Chartering in Croatia, Visit Pula in Istria


Croatia Pula Roman Arena Interior Walls

Yacht Chartering in Croatia should include a stop in Pula, in northern Croatia on the western coast of the Istrian Peninsula, long favored by civilizations through the millenniums, especially by the Romans as can be seen by the extraordinary arena that is still a focal point of Pula today.  Pula has a very long history, a great protected harbor with a major marina, and is a gateway into Istria, known for wineries, truffle hunting, shell farming, honey, and olive oil. Pula also has been a center of ship building. As the first northern mainland port after cruising through the Cres-Losing group of islands  in the Kvarner Gulf, yacht chartering in northern Croatia should include a stop in Pula, an important port for many civilizations through millenniums.


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Croatia Gulet Itinerary Kotor, Montenegro to Split, Croatia


Split, Croatia

Split, Croatia

This Croatia Gulet Itinerary from Kotor, Montenegro to Split Croatia, is a terrific one week itinerary to enjoy the highlights of both Montenegro and Croatia on a typical charter yacht available in Croatia, the Croatian Gulet.  Gulets are large, usually wooden motorsailors, that are very wide with a large amount of interior living space and wide open decks providing a lot of onboard deck space.  While there are masts and sails, because Gulets are heavy and wide, usually the sails, if ever raised are used to steady the yacht, and the engines are used to move the yacht from place to place.  A Gulet should really be viewed as a large comfortable platform with a lot of interior and deck space from which to enjoy the Croatian islands and coast that moves mainly under engine power.  Because Gulets are built of wood, they usually have beautifully varnished wooden interiors, with high overheads, and large ensuite bathrooms.  Gulets are a great pricing value usually with at least 4 crew for full service including a private Chef.  Although Gulets move under engine power, the engine speed is often no more than 10 miles an hour, which means that the itinerary should be carefully considered to assure that the highlights of the area can be seen on an itinerary that does not require long cruising periods.  The following itinerary was organized specifically for a charter on board a Croatian Gulet.


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Charter a Yacht in Croatia, Charter Itinerary from Kotor, Montenegro


Charter a yacht in Croatia, and cruise from Kotor, Montenegro to Dubrovnik, up to Split, and back to Kotor to disembark to explore and enjoy the many of the different islands and coastline of southern Croatia in an area once known as Dalmatia.  On this yacht charter itinerary when you charter a yacht in Croatia, visit three UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Kotor, Dubrovnik and Diocletian’s Palace in Split.  There is so much to do and see in this charter location filled with historic sites, and boutique wineries.  Enjoy the beautiful clean clear water swimming and playing with water toys, and savor the fresh oysters and mussels plucked right out of the water from the shell farms near Ston.  When you charter a yacht in Croatia, enjoy boutique wines, vine and tree ripened fruits and vegetables, and fresh seafood in beautiful water while cruising the coast and islands of this fabulous country.


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Yacht Charter in Croatia, Hunting the Elusive White and Black Truffle


Yacht Charter in Croatia and Hunting the Elusive White and Black Truffle

Truffle Hunting in the Motovun Forest

Yacht Charter in Croatia is not complete, if you are a Truffle aficionado, without having White and Black Truffle dishes on board your charter yacht during your yacht charter.  As up north in Istria, Croatia, deep in the Motovun Forest, both White and Black Truffles grow in the roots of oak, poplar, willow, beech, birch, and pine trees. Croatians for generations have hunted the elusive White and Black Truffles, that were hunted once with trained pigs and now are hunted with specially trained dogs.  What is still a very reasonable marketplace for Truffles in Croatia allows any yacht charter chef in Croatia to easily include Truffles in dishes on board a yacht charter when cruising through the beautiful waters of Croatia without breaking the bank, or needing to pull out the weighing machine to weigh each slice of this aromatic root fungus that might appear on top of dishes placed in front of you when on board.


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Private Yacht Charter, About Visiting Brac Island, Croatia


Island of Brac in Croatia

The island of Brac in Croatia. City of Bol.

Known as the “Stonecutter’s Island” due to the extensive quarries of white limestone and marble found on the island both of which are perfect for building and sculpting, this island, close to Split, is a quieter laid back island peopled by every day working Croatians, many of whom are working at traditional crafts. Spend a night anchored in one of the beautiful anchorages on the island and head ashore to explore on a crewed yacht charter.


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