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Yacht Charter Itinerary Cruising the Greek Islands


Ocean bay sunrise , Kea, Greece

Kea, Greece

Cruise through two lovely Greek Island chains, the Saronic Islands and the Cycladic Islands, on this yacht charter itinerary through the Aegean Sea.  This is an excellent itinerary for a one week charter on a sailing yacht or sailing catamaran out of Athens, for lovely, easy sailing every day, while enjoying some terrific Greek Islands.  This is also a great yacht charter itinerary to enjoy on a crewed motor yacht.


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Enjoy a Charter Itinerary of the Greek Dodecanese Islands


Rhodes - Medieval City
Rhodes, Medieval City
From Rhodes to Samos, this yacht charter itinerary cruising through the Greek Dodecanese Islands is cruise through a lovely group of islands; each with its own unique feel.  From Rhodes, once a hub for medieval crusaders, to nearby Symi, quiet and beautiful, to Kalymnos, where locals once free dived for sponges in the depths of the sea, to Patmos, said to be where John the Apostle wrote the Book of Revelations, and where there is a church for every day of the year, and finally to Samos, home of Pythagoras, discover each island for yourself on a yacht charter through the Greek Dodecanese Islands. 


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What can a Blue Monkey do for you?


Rooftops of Santorini, Greece, yacht charter

Santorini, Greece

There are many different ways to arrive in Santorini Island, Greece, however; arriving by private charter yacht cruising into the inner harbor Caldera is the most extraordinary. The present Caldera was created sometime around 1645 BC, by a huge volcanic eruption, during which volcanic ash and debris covered an ancient and very wealthy Minoan trading city near present day Akrotiri, Santorini.  The disappearance of this city, may be the basis of the legend of the “Lost City of Atlantis”.  After cruising into the Caldera in Santorini by charter yacht, head ashore to explore the Akrotiri Excavations, where extraordinary wall murals depicting Blue Monkeys were found.


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Athens, Greece; The Birthplace of Civilization


Fishing boats on Greek Islands

Fishing boats on Greek Islands

When chartering a crewed charter yacht to cruise through the beautiful Greek Islands, surrounded by the blue green waters of the Aegean Sea, the embarkation port is usually Athens, Greece.  There is so much to see and do in Athens, here at Northrop and Johnson Yacht Charters, we recommend spending at least one night either before or after your charter exploring Athens.


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The Sacred Island of Delos, Greece


Ancient Greek ruins at the archaeological island of Delos Cyclades Greece

Ancient Greek Ruins at the Archaeological Island of Delos

Delos, the center of the Cyclades, has been inhabited since at least the 3rd millennium B.C. As did the Hellenic Nation, this island rose in importance and around 480 BC, became the center of the Delian League. The Delian League located their treasury on here solidifying the importance of this island in the ancient world. Today Delos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most important archeological sites in the world. This island, located just next to Mykonos is open to visitors 12 hours during the day, every day of the week. Visiting on a private yacht charter, is so easy.  This island is certainly not to be missed.


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A Lost Civilization, Santorini, Greece


Santorini Excavations

Akrotiri Excavations

Explore the many secrets of the magical mystical Cycladic Island of Santorini, Greece, when cruising the Cycladic Island chain on a luxury crewed yacht charter, as tucked away on the Island of Santorini, excavations continue revealing the remains of an ancient wealthy trading city. This is a city lost in time; covered by ash and debris in the massive volcanic eruption in the 1600’s BC when the island blew its top, literally. It was in 1967 that excavations began in earnest, and still continue at a site in Akrotiri on the island of #Santorini where only 5% of this ancient city is said to be revealed to date. The ruins are fascinating to see, and excavated artifacts are on display at the Archeological Museum in Fira. Include both the #Akrotiri Archeological Site and Archeological Museum in Fira on a land tour when visiting the #GreekIsland of Santorini on a crewed sailing yacht or mega yacht charter.

The lost city was discovered in the 1800’s in fields in an area of the island known today as Akrotiri.  As the origin of the civilization that built this extraordinary city with three story apartment buildings, running water and a city sewer system was unknown, the excavations are now known as Akrotiri by their location on the island.  Today only a small area of what was once an extensive wealthy trading city has been excavated.  That which has been excavated, based on excavations in other parts of the world, is now felt to have been a wealthy Minoan trading city, that clearly evacuated the city before the final and most devastating volcanic eruption on Santorini Island covered the abandoned all for a city lost in time.


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Cruise the Fabulous Cycladic Islands of Greece


Windmills of Mykonos

Windmills of Mykonos

Cruising through the Cycladic Islands on a luxury yacht charter in Greece includes the Greek Islands of Santorini, and Mykonos, considered by many to be two of the top Greek Islands to visit out of over 6000 islands and islets. It is the Cycladic Islands where the well-known cubist white buildings with cobalt blue trim are found, in the old Choras on each island, with little walking streets. The Greek Cycladic Islands are the only island chain seriously affected, however by the Meltemi Winds which can blow at any time from May to October. So that on a #crewedyachtcharter, cruising through the #CycladicIslands is a #yacht charter itinerary only if the Meltemi Winds allow.


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Great Greek Charter Motor Yacht: Suncoco



Suncoco is a terrific “double ender” beautiful high quality construction charter motor yacht for a #yachtcharter through the over 6000 Greek Islands. Suncoco has 4 guest staterooms, each with ensuite private bathroom. 3 of the guest staterooms have double beds and the 4th has two twin beds making Suncoco very comfortable for up to 8 yacht charter guests for a great cruise through the lovely Greek Islands.  With an excellent crew and an outstanding chef, Suncoco always has rave reviews for every charter.  You too will have a great charter on board motor yacht Suncoco

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Follow in the Footsteps of Ancient Civilizations


Temple of Apollo in antique city of DidymaTemple of Apollo Ruins

Charter today cruising along what were, in the Ancient World: water highways and trading routes.  Cities sprang up in protected harbors which were home to civilization after civilization through the centuries, and which are still today, protected anchorages and harbors to visit on a crewed charter yacht. An Ancient Trading Route ran from Istanbul down the western coast of Turkey and the Greek Dodecanese Islands, along the southern coast of Turkey past Cyprus. Similarly, an Ancient Trading Route ran from Venice, along Croatia, through Montenegro and the Ionian Islands of Greece. It is those same harbors and ports today, and more, which on a crewed yacht charter visit offer a portal into Ancient History.

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Great Family Time on Board a Crewed Yacht Charter


Early morning view of Little Stirrup Cay beach (The Bahamas). ** Note: Visible grain at 100%, best at smaller sizes

Bahamas Fun

Yacht charter is terrific family time, whether its all about fun in the sun, swimming and splashing in Caribbean waters, learning about nature “hands on” in Alaska or the Galapagos, or understanding ancient history by touring through ruins in Greece, Turkey and Croatia, a crewed yacht charter is a great family experience. Cruise on board a crewed motor yacht or sailing yacht with your own Captain, and Chef, and take your hotel rooms and restaurant with you from anchorage to anchorage, with each day revealing a new experience, along with a constantly changing view. There is a great charter location, itinerary and crewed charter yacht waiting, for your special family yacht charter cruise.


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