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Get Away From It All With A Luxury Private Yacht Charter In Alaska


Written by Missy Johnston

Juneau, Alaska Entrance by Sea

Juneau, Alaska Entrance by Sea

Looking for the ultimate escape from the crowds while still enjoying the amenities of a luxury vacation? The wilderness of Alaska is calling your name! The combination of amazing wildlife, pristine natural beauty, and unending adventure make this an unforgettable trip. But forget about a cruise ship—the best way to enjoy the natural wonders of Alaska is on a private yacht charter. A small group of your family or close friends with a crew dedicated to meeting your every need and desire serves up luxury Alaska travel up close and personal and at its finest—with total seclusion and privacy. 

There is no time like the present to start planning your luxury yacht charter vacation in Alaska. We have some tips to help make this a truly memorable experience, as well as a sneak peek at what makes a private yacht charter here the most unique and breathtaking way to see the Last Frontier. 


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Why You Should Make Alaska Your Next Private Yacht Charter Destination


Juneau, Alaska Entrance by Sea

Juneau, Alaska Entrance by Sea

The Alaskan Panhandle is an isolated part of the state, making it an excellent private getaway—and an even more private way to see it is via a private yacht charter. During the summer months, temperatures are milder than the frigid winter months, which makes it an optimal time to visit. It is best visited onboard a private yacht, in order to visit areas not easily accessible by the larger mega cruise ships. WiFi is very limited when sailing throughout the remote parts of Alaska, so this will give you a chance to truly disconnect from the world and enjoy the gorgeous scenery.


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Alaska Charter Itinerary, Juneau to Ketchikan


Sea Kayaking In Alaska on Yacht charter

Sea Kayaking around Ice Floes

Charter the southern inside passage of Alaska on a crewed yacht charter to have a fabulous up front and personal experience, as part of the natural life of Alaska.  Sit in pods of whales bubble net feeding, watch glaciers calve into the waters below, see bears fishing for dinner, watch frolicking harbor seals, and rambling mountain goats and moose.  Visit with colonies of sea lions, sit in anchorages surrounded by Bald Eagles, fish for salmon, king crab, shrimp and halibut, and hike through virgin forests.  Alaska is a fabulous yacht charter destination unlike any other, and a private yacht charter on a yacht smaller than a mini cruise ship, is the way to be right smack dab in the middle of all that Alaska has to offer.


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Sitka, Alaska

Arrive on board, unpack and rest before taking a walking tour of Sitka. Its natural beauty and history make Sitka one of the most interesting of the Alaskan southeastern towns.  Walk to the Sheldon Jackson Museum to view Tlingit and Aleut artifacts. Continue to the Visitors Center at the Sitka National Historical Park to see more native artifacts and an impressive collection of totem poles.  Take some time to shop in the gift and specialty shops for native and Russian-influenced modern arts and crafts.

Depart Sitka after breakfast, cruising through Olga and Neva Straits.  This is a great location to fish for salmon, by either trolling from the yacht or from the ship’s tender, along the way to Kalinan Bay, north of Salisbury Sound, to anchor for the evening.


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Bellingham, WA to Campbell River, British Columbia, Canada


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Bellingham, Washington

For a yacht charter in British Columbia arrive and board in Bellingham, Washington in Bellingham Harbor.  After settling in depart immediately for Mackaye Harbor, an anchorage at the south end of Lopez Island – about a 25 mile trip.  Once anchored, explore the many islands less than two miles from the anchorage by ship’s tender for the beginning of your exploration of the water, coast and islands of British Columbia. Overnight.

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British Columbia

Enjoy breakfast before cruising to Victoria. After clearing into Canada, explore the capital of British Columbia.  There are museums to visit including the Maritime Museum in Bastion Square.  For shoppers, the best browsing can be done on Government Street and Johnson Street contains offbeat shops housed in restored heritage buildings. Stay overnight in Victoria.


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Destination Location: Alaska!


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If you really want to see and experience the extraordinary natural splendor of Alaska, then only a crewed yacht charter will do!  Unlike large crew ships, a crewed charter yacht can slip right into little anchorages ringed by bald eagles perched in the surrounding trees, cruise closely along the coast with bears in easy sight, anchor in isolated areas at the mouth of a salmon or trout fly fishing stream, and sit right under a calving tidewater glacier.  This and everything else that is the Alaskan Experience is up front and personal on a crewed yacht charter in Alaska.


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Chartering a Yacht in Alaska, Up Close and Personal



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Chartering a yacht in Alaska alllows you to sit under the face of a calving glacier while huge ice chunks break off with a thunderous roar to drop into the waters below. Fish for “barn door” sized halibut and cast for salmon running upstream in pristine mountain streams. Sea kayak around harbor seals sunning on large ice floes. Sit in the middle of whales performing the age old “dance” of group bubble-net feeding. Enjoy isolated anchorages ringed with Bald Eagles perched in nearby trees. All of this and so much more is waiting for you on a crewed yacht charter in Alaska. Here at  Northrop and Johnson Yacht Charters, we know this very well, including knowing the yachts and crews for a great Alaskan Adventure Charter.

Chartering a yacht in Alaska puts you front and center up close and personal to all that nature has to offer in majestic Alaska, for an experience of a lifetime.  No where else in the world can the natural life of Alaska and the natural wonders of Alaska be found, and being on a private yacht charter rather than on a cruise ship has all of the advantages of being close to shore, close to the calving glaciers for a hands on experience.

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Yacht Charter Alaska; Extraordinary Glacier Bay


Margerie Glacier – Glacier Bay

Formally known as Glacier Bay National Park and Preserve under the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act, Glacier Bay is a special place to visit on crewed yacht charter of Southeast Alaska. As part of an area designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Glacier Bay covers over 3 million acres. Glacier Bay is a relatively new natural phenomenon as until the early 1700’s, this area was covered by one large single solid block of ice called the Grand Pacific Glacier. Since the early 1700’s, this glacier has retreated over 65 miles to the head of the bay at Tarr Inlet, and while retreating, left 20 other separate glaciers in its trail. This modern glacial retreat and the subsequent creation of many smaller glaciers offer an excellent opportunity to see nature in action and all aspects of glaciers in this very active glacier area. Access to Glacier Bay is heavily restricted however to allow nature to take its course unimpeded by man, and therefore, only certain charter yachts are allowed entrance which is by special permit. If visiting Glacier Bay is on your list of what to see and do in Alaska, be sure to ask for a charter yacht with Glacier Bay permits.


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Alaska; Salmon Fishing and Yacht Charter


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Brown Bear Fishing Salmon

It is summer in Alaska and the salmon, true to their genetic plan are returning to their birth stream to spawn. The bays and waterways are teaming with salmon. What is your interest, King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Sockeye Salmon? All are swimming in the waters now in Alaska, and the best way to fish is on a yacht charter. For on a charter, you can move from fishing area to fishing area, visit the mouth of streams in the tender, fly fish from the shores, or troll from the back of the yacht. In fact, on a yacht charter, you can be fishing simply by dropping a line off of the stern, while cruising through the scenic Inside Passage, sipping on a glass of wine. Let the simple act of cruising, while enjoying the scenery, do the work for you and enjoy a fresh salmon dinner of the “catch of the day”. (more…)

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Charter, Admiralty Island, Alaska: Watch the bears watch you


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Alaskan Brown Bear

Admiralty Island, or Kootznoowoo (Fortress of the Bear) as it is known to the indigenous Tlingits, is home to the highest density of brown bears in North America. About 1,600 brown bears inhabit the island and they outnumber the Tlingit community of Angoon, the only settlement on the island, about three to one. Around the year 2000, the human population of the island was 650 people. (more…)

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