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Reach the Unreachable On A Private Yacht Charter To Myanmar


Mergui Archipelago Island Beach

Mergui Archipelago Island Beach

A luxury yacht charter in the South Pacific and Asia is a golden opportunity to explore remote areas. In fact, a charter yacht is one of the only ways to access the isolated anchorages and deserted beaches in this part of the world. One of our favorite yacht charter itineraries here is a private yacht charter through the Mergui Archipelago in southern Myanmar. (more…)

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A Cultural Private Yacht Charter Vacation in Fiji

Fiji, Malakati Village. Nacula Island

Malakati Village Nacula Island-Photo by Missy Johnston

Yachting in Fiji is much more than just beautiful views of tropical forests and crystal blue waters. In the Fijian out islands, most easily reached on a private yacht charter, experience the culture, heart, and soul of Fiji. Villages in the out islands each have a unique cultural structure embedded in traditions passed down for generations. In order for visiting yachts to anchor in a village harbor, a Sevu Sevu Ceremony is required and conducted by village elders around the kava bowl, while a Meke of various traditional dances might be performed as part of any village celebration. A private yacht charter vacation in Fiji is the perfect way to experience the unique culture of the Fijian Out Islands. 

Fiji Malakati Village Nacula Island Sevusevu

Malakati Village – Sevu Sevu Ceremony-Photo by Missy Johnston

While visiting villages is an excellent way to experience the culture of Fiji, a visit to the  Fiji Museum in Suva provides the colorful history of the country. The backdrop against which village culture evolved includes the grisly practice of cannibalism, which prevailed in the out islands as late as 1895. The final remains of Thomas Baker, a Christian Missionary in 1867, are on display in the museum, consisting of one very well-chewed, but ultimately inedible, shoe. Surrounding the museum are the Thurston Gardens, featuring various species of Fijian flora and fauna, all found when cruising through the out islands on a private yacht charter vacation in Fiji.

Participate in a Sevu Sevu Ceremony in Fiji

Sevu Sevu Ceremony-Photo by Missy Johnston

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The History of Ikat: An Ancient Cultural Tradition in Indonesia

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Ikat Textile Weaving

Ikat, a fabric dyed with natural dyes and spun on hand-made looms, has roots in many regions of Asia. In the Eastern Flores Archipelago in Indonesia, private yacht charter guests can visit villages to see the village women, who today are skilled self-taught artisans with techniques passed down through the generations bringing this craft to life. To create the textiles, cotton is grown, carded, spun to strands, dyed with natural dyes created by the village women, then woven into the Ikat Textile designs on handmade looms. Only accessible by private yacht, your charter yacht can anchor right in front of remote Ikat Textile weaving villages, where you can buy these lovely handmade textiles directly from the weavers.

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The history of Ikat dates back thousands of years. Beautiful textiles have been found as far away as the ancient tombs of Egypt. Their trade has united peoples of the world in times of war and peace. To read more about Ikat’s past and the work being done to support the craftsmen and women who still make these handmade textiles today, click here.

Ikat Textile Weaving, Watublapi Village, Indonesia

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Discover the Komodo Dragon by Private Yacht Charter


Komodo Dragon in Indonesia

A yacht charter to see the Komodo Dragons in Indonesia is the stuff of myths and legends. Flying into Bali, with a short domestic flight to Flores Island, your private yacht charter then takes you to the Komodo Archipelago: Komodo Island, Rinca Island, and Padar Island. This is a UNESCO Reserve and World Heritage Site due to the highly endangered flora and fauna, including the Komodo Dragon itself. We’ve written a little previously about what a trip to see the dragons looks like for a yacht charter traveler

Komodo Dragon

Komodo Dragon

Once you’ve arrived at the islands there is so much to see and do. There are hikes, scuba diving, swimming, and experiences both above and below the waterline—including hundreds of giant fruit bats filling up the skies at sunset. This guide can help you plan out your experiences safely. Be prepared for hot, dry weather during the peak travel season of April-December, and remember to pack your camera!

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Island-Hopping in French Polynesia by Private Yacht Charter

French Polynesia South Pacific yacht charter location

French Polynesia

There is a ubiquitous image of paradise found—a rustic bungalow perched over a vast expanse of ultramarine waters, palm trees swaying in the background. From the deck, tropical fish can be seen flitting about. This is French Polynesia, a land of verdant atolls, abundant wildlife, and the elusive Tahitian pearl. There is so much to discover here, and the best way by far is via private yacht charter

Be sure to book some time for snorkeling and swimming at black sand beaches. This helpful island-hopping guide also highlights perfect spots to sip a cocktail and book a spa treatment.

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Enjoy a Luxury Yacht Charter in Indonesia


Raja Ampat Many Islets

Raja Ampat Islets

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, straddling the equator with over 17,000 diverse, remote islands and 80,000 kilometers of unspoiled coastline to explore. Its untamed natural beauty, year-round tropical climate, and unrivaled dive sites makes Indonesia a true paradise on Earth.

Many of the charter locations, especially in Raja Ampat, are close to or on the equator. Chartering a private luxury yacht is the best way to experience the exotic beauty of Indonesia. Many of the islands are remote and uninhabited, and have an amazing variety of volcanic scenery, marine life, vibrant cultures, and sailing/diving adventures to be experienced. This makes a luxury yacht in Indonesia one of the most exclusive getaway charter destinations. Go on adrenaline-fueled jet skiing adventures, explore reefs, or relax and sunbathe on sandy white beaches—It’s all within reach when you charter a yacht in Indonesia! (more…)

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Dunia Baru, Terrific Charter Yacht for Indonesia


Dunia Baru At Night

Dunia Baru at Night

With 7 large guest staterooms all with ensuite bath, Dunia Baru, just launched, is a great new luxury yacht charter addition for sailing vacations in Indonesia for up to 14 guests. Following along with the traditional sailing boat genre in Indonesia, this is a modern designed Phinisi, built by the Konjo Boat Builders from Sulawesi, an age old traditional boat building village in Indonesia. Dunia Baru means “New World”, as the Owner along with Kasten Marine spent many hours designing a “new world” Phinisi that has all of the modern amenities, yet is still reflective of Indonesian maritime history and culture. Chartering in the Komodo Archipelago, home of the Komodo Dragon and the Eastern Flores Archipelago, home of the Ikat Textile weaving villages in summer, and Raja Ampat, home of the Four Kingdoms, in the winter, Dunia Baru is a great new charter yacht addition for #yachtcharter, in Indonesia, which is a terrific new emerging luxury yacht charter location.

Fly into Bali, for a yacht charter in the Komodo Archipelago, or Eastern Flories Archipelago in the summer, and into Sorong in West Papua for a charter cruising through Raja Ampat in the winter.  A yacht charter in these magical location is different and so unique, as Indonesia is unlike any other yacht charter cruising destination.

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Experience a Sevusevu and Village Meke Dancing in Fiji


Experience a Sevusevu and ceremonial village Meke Dancing on a private yacht charter through the Out Islands of Fiji.  While the two main islands of Fiji have been modernized, centuries old customs continue in the little villages on the hundreds of smaller islands, many of which can only be visited on a yacht charter. A strong societal hierarchy exists on the smaller outlying islands in the villages, most of which are guided by a Village Chieftain. When visiting the anchorages or harbors “owned” by the various villages in a crewed yacht charter, cultural politeness requires going ashore to ask the Village Chieftain, and other village elders, for permission to anchor and enjoy their waters through participation in a Sevusevu Ceremony around the Kava Bowl. If deemed to be an important guest, the Village Chieftain may organize the villagers for a Meke Dancing Ceremony. Or, in the case of Malakati Village in the Fijian Mamanuca Islands, for a small fee, the Captain of your crewed charter yacht can arrange to have the villagers perform the Meke Dancing Ceremony as if you were the most important guests ever received in their small village. Northrop-Johnson Yacht Charters, when visiting on a crewed charter yacht, participated in a ceremonial Sevusevu around the Kava Bowl, and this Meke Dancing Ceremony in Malakati Village led by village elder, Joe.

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Gwyneth Paltrow and Family enjoy Silolona Charter Yachts


Charter Yacht Silolona anchored in front of active volcano www


Gwyneth Paltrow was recently on board one of our most favorite yacht charter choices, Silolona Sojourns charter yachts, where she and her famiy cruised in the Komodo Archipelago in Indonesia.  In her blog Paltrow raves about the yacht charter experience. The Silolona charter yachts are comprised of the 164’ charter yacht Silolona and the 131’ charter yacht Si Datu Bua available for yacht charter in Indonesia and Myanmar.  A yacht charter on board Silolona or Si Datu Bua is not only a great yacht charter experience, with every mega yacht amenity but is also a terrific glimpse into local life and culture in Indonesia or Myanmar.


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Silolona, Chartering in Indonesia and Myanmar


Yacht Charter in Indonesia is a terrific experience on the private charter yacht Silolona, a 164′ Phinisi Sailing Yacht. Silolona offers outstanding  yacht charters in two unique emerging yacht charter locations in Indonesia:  the Komodo Archipelago and the Eastern Flores Archipelago on the western and eastern ends of Flores Island in the summer and in the winter in Raja Ampat, home of the Four Kingdoms.

A traditional appearing Phinisi on the exterior, on the interior Silolona offers top luxury accommodations in 5 guest staterooms each with ensuite bath.  The crew offer 5 star service in 5 star cruising locations.  In the Komodo Archipelago see the famous Komodo Dragon in its natural and only worldwide known habitat in the National Park on Komodo Island.  in the Eastern Flores Archipelago, anchor in the shadow of puffing volcanoes, visit traditional Ikat Textile weaving villages, participate in traditional dancing ceremonies, snorkel or dive over beautiful coral gardens, and enjoy endless pristine beaches great for shelling.  In Raja Ampat, sail between the Four Kingdoms, cross the equator, snorkel in caves, sea kayak past wild orchids clinging to the rocks, and see fabulous underworld life and outstanding coral gardens, This is truly a unique and outstanding yacht charter experience in luxury and comfort, cruising in either area on a yacht charter in Indonesia. For more information contact Northrop and Johnson Yacht Charters.

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