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What To Do On The Dalyan River During A Luxury Yacht Cruise In Turkey


Written by Missy Johnston

Cruising up the Dalyan River

Cruising up the Dalyan River

On your private luxury yacht charter from Bodrum to Gocek, Turkey, don’t pass up the opportunity to cruise up the Dalyan River. The Dalyan River is full of picturesque scenery and fascinating history that shouldn’t be missed. Though your yacht can’t traverse the river due to shallow mud flats at the mouth, flat-bottomed river boats are available with guides for an amazing trip up the river to see all the best attractions


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Experience the Hidden Beauty of Datca, Turkey From Your Private Luxury Yacht


Written by Missy Johnston

Datca, Turkey at Sunrise

Datca, Turkey at Sunrise

The best way to experience this stone-paved fairytale of a town on the peninsula of Datca, Turkey is with a private luxury yacht charter, with your own captain, chef, and crew. This small port town in southwestern Turkey is positioned on the Datca Peninsula and is most accessible from the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. The picturesque views of the town with bougainvillea-covered walls and ancient Greek ruins are reasons enough to book this charter, but this sleepy little town has many other things to do and see.


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Visit Bodrum on a Luxury Yacht Charter: The “St. Tropez of Turkey”


Written by Missy Johnston

Bodrum castle overlooking anchorage 22

Bodrum Castle Overlooking Anchorage

Bodrum, Turkey, an exotic yacht charter location, is an up and coming luxury hotspot to visit that has been compared to St. Tropez and Mykonos in its upscale offerings. In fact, quite a few billionaires have been spotted vacationing in Bodrum aboard their superyachts. We have always recommended including a stop in Bodrum on any luxury yacht charter itinerary in Turkey, as it has much to offer every yacht charterer.  


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Sail Into the Harbor of Knidos Like the Ancients Did on a Private Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

Datca Coast, Turkey

Datca Coast, Turkey

With more coastline to cruise than any other country in the Mediterranean, Turkey is one of the most popular spots for a private yacht charter vacation in this area of the world. Today, we’re taking a closer look at two must-visit locations on a Turkey yacht charter trip—the historic village of Datca and the ancient site of Knidos. 


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Stop in Kas on a Private Yacht Charter Along the Southern Coast of Turkey


Written By Missy Johnston

Kas Harbor and Quay

Kas Harbor and Quay-Photo Credit Missy Johnston

A yacht charter trip along the southern coast of Turkey isn’t complete without a stop in Kas. The town is a well-known tourist spot along the coast and an excellent private yacht charter destination where visitors can get a glimpse into history while soaking in amazing panoramic views. 


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Visit Fethiye, Turkey on a Yacht Charter—A Scenic Village With Ancient Lycian Tombs


Written by Missy Johnston

Gocek bigstockphoto_Boats_On_The_Mediterranean_Sea_1881132

Gocek Bay

There is an ancient coastal town located on Gocek Bay in Turkey known as Fethiye, that will give vacationers a look into the past and views to die for. Fethiye is the perfect yacht charter destination; it is built on a breathtaking hillside and hugs the turquoise Medeterranian Sea. It is also a market town that houses the site of ancient Telmossos and showcases the ruins of a Crusader’s castle, which was once occupied by the Knights of Rhodes. But the stars of the town are the Lycian Templefront Tombs that grace the mountainside rocks which are readily available to be seen on a Fethiye, Turkey yacht charter.  

Dalyan River Lycian Cliff Tombs

Dalyan River Lycian Cliffside Tombs-Photo by Missy Johnston

Nearby Fethiye, is also the Dalyan River, where another stand of Lycian cliffside tombs can seen on a Dalyan River Trip, cruising up the Dalyan River from the river mouth, after being picked up in a flat bottomed river boat, with guide right at your private charter yacht.

These Lycian cliffside tombs are carved directly into the rocks and resemble small temples which are said to model the houses of ancient Lycians who inhabited the area long ago. The best way to see the ancient tombs are up close and personal—by taking a small trek outside of town, up into the hills, and climbing the two hundred steps that lead to the top. After reaching the tombs atop the mountainside, prepare to be taken back by gorgeous views of the little town below, the beautiful turquoise waters, and the surrounding tombs encased in the mountains. Choose Fethiye for your next private yacht charter destination for a yacht charter in Turkey to be wowed by beauty and history.

Cruising up the Dalyan River

Cruising up the Dalyan River-Photo by Missy Johnston

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Bodrum Turkey: A Luxurious Up-and-Coming Yacht Charter Destination


Written by Missy Johnston

Bodrum Castle from Hillsides

Bodrum Castle from Hillside

There’s an up-and-coming yacht charter destination that rivals the likes of Bali or Mykonos. Bodrum, Turkey is becoming a top yacht charter destination for yachting fanatics, billionaires, and even royalty. Dubbed the “St. Tropez of Turkey” and one of 2020’s top travel destinations, Bodrum is located on the Bodrum Peninsula on Turkey’s southwest corner, on the gorgeous shores of the Aegean Sea. 

During the summer months, the marinas are filled with luxurious yachts—yet there is a sense of seclusion and privacy as many have not yet discovered this hidden gem. Though it has been overlooked by Americans, many Europeans have been visiting this port for years, enjoying its luxury hotels, beach clubs, and the abundance of yachts floating in the crystal blue waters. Not only is Bodrum known for being a port filled with luxury yachts, it is also known for its early 15th-century castle built by the Crusading Knights. Within this virtually fully intact fortress is an outstanding underwater archaeology museum. See exhibits of artifacts and remains of ancient ships that have been excavated off the coast of Bodrum in the waters along the Ancient Trading Route. 

View from Bodrum Castle (6)

View from Bodrum Castle-Photo Credit Missy Johnston

Bodrum is also known for its quaint side streets, its bountiful markets where fresh fish, dried fruits, herbs, vegetables, local cheeses, olives, and olive oils are sold by local vendors, and its very colorful bazaar, where shopping reigns by day and night club fun reigns by night.

Bodrum is becoming a top “under-the-radar” luxury travel destination and is the perfect port for a private yacht charter vacation. After visiting Bodrum, cruise around the end of the peninsula to anchor in the bay in front of the village of Turk Buku—a much smaller village filled with floating bars and restaurants, chic shops, and boutiques, all lining the one and only street. This is the more relaxed version of Bodrum, and is just an anchorage or two away. Skip the overcrowded beaches of Mykonos or Bali and plan a visit to Bodrum, Turkey.

Turk Buku Seaside Cafe and Bay

Turk Buku Seaside Cafe and Bay-Photo Credit Missy Johnston

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Yacht Charter Bodrum, Visit the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology


Written by Missy Johnston

One of the coolest things to do in Turkey is visit the Bodrum Museum of Underwater Archaeology, housed in the Bodrum Castle and overlooking the impressive Bodrum harbor. Bodrum is the perfect town from which to board and/or disembark a private yacht charter to cruise through beautiful crystal green and blue waters. The museum is also a must-see when in Bodrum before or after your yacht charter.

Bodrum , Turkey Ancient Amphoras from Ancient Shipwrecks

Ancient shipwrecks found deep in the Aegean, Icarian, and Mediterranean Seas have been meticulously catalogued and their riches placed on display. Read more here about the astonishing artifacts you can find, including pottery and weaponry dating back 3,500 years. Turkey’s southern coastline is a haven for the Turkish Gulet vessel, on which a yacht charter is known as the “Blue Voyage.” The building and development of these ships is documented in the Bodrum Maritime Museum, another vacation discovery we highly recommend.

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183′ Sailing Yacht Regina Prepares Delicious Yacht Charter Cuisine


Written by Missy Johnston


Sailing Yacht Regina

The stunning 183′ sailing yacht REGINA wowed Northrop-Johnson Yacht Charters at the 2016 Antigua Charter Yacht Show serving an excellent luncheon especially created for industry yacht charter brokers showcasing that which Regina serves as outstanding tasty cuisine on board every yacht charter.


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Charter in the Wake of Ancient Civilizations in Turkey


Written by Missy Johnston

Marmaris-gulets (17)

Only in Turkey on a luxury yacht charter sailing vacation, can you cruise in the wake of Ancient Civilizations along very well plied Ancient Trading Routes. Whether between Venice and Crete, Rhodes and Dubrovnik, Ancient Trading Routes followed the Turkish coastline with trading towns naturally springing up and then being abandoned by various Ancient Civilizations, as time marched on along this coastal route. Many of these ancient cities and towns lie in ruins today, waiting to be explored. The easiest way to #travel along the Coast in Turkey is by #yachtcharter. If you are a history buff, or even if not; this is an experience found nowhere else, and only available on a Turkey Yacht Charter cruising from one ancient site to another along the Turkish Coast.

For a yacht charter in from Bodrum, Turkey to Marmaris, Turkey, visit the medieval Bodrum Crusader Castle, home to the Underwater Archaeological Museum with exhibits of artifacts found from shipwrecks excavated along the Ancient Trading Routes.  Also anchor in the ancient harbor of Knidos, where ruins litter the surrounding hillsides.  On a yacht charter from Marmaris to Kekova, visit the Lycian Tombs on the Dalyan River, and the ruins of Cleopatra’s baths in Gocek Bay along with ruins of other little villages and a wall.  Also on this itinerary, by luxury van, visit the ruins of Xanthos, Letoon, Patara.  Last, but hardly the least are the underwater and dry land remains in Kekova of an ancient Lycian city, including Lycian tombs.  Two days can be spent in this location alone snorkeling over ancient harbor, in designated locations, and seeing the remains of a Lycian graveyard on the hillside.  Cruising in Turkey along the Turkish Coast is an extraordinary and extremely historic coastline along which to cruise on a private crewed charter yacht.

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