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Expect Once-in-a-Lifetime Experiences On a Luxury Yacht Charter


Luxury Super Yacht and Water Toys

Luxury Super Yacht and Water Toys

A luxury yacht charter provides once-in-a-lifetime experiences that you just can’t get from any other type of travel. When cruising on a charter yacht, you can enjoy special destinations more completely than by cruise ship or by land. It is, by far, the most memorable, private, customized, and convenient forms of luxury travel.


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Typical Day on a Luxury Yacht Charter


Yacht Charter Lifestyle-Swimming Platform

A private yacht vacation is like no other getaway you’ll ever experience. Along with amazing views, sumptuous cuisine, and lounging in the sun, a luxury yacht charter vacation offers incredible activities for the entire family. There’s so much to do on board, in the water, and on land, in the world’s most breathtaking locations.

In this article, we’ll explore what a typical day is like on a luxury yacht charter vacation. From morning until night, there are so many things to see, do, and explore for endless family fun.

What a Typical Day is Like On Your Private Yacht Charter

Marcato, 140' expedition luxury charter yacht in Highborne Cay, the Exumas, Bahamas

Family Breakfast

  • Every morning starts with breakfast prepared by the chef. Before your trip, we’ll find out all of your family’s individual food likes and dislikes, and plan your menu. Everything is catered to your specific tastes and wishes. Want eggs and prosciutto for breakfast? Do the kids enjoy fruit smoothies in the morning? Breakfast is prepared exactly the way you like it, and served whenever you want.


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Why is a Private Yacht Charter Better for a Family Vacation than a Cruise Ship?


There are plenty of activities to enjoy on a yacht charter.

Family Fun on Crewed Yacht Charter

Family Fun on Crewed Yacht Charter

Swimming, snorkeling, fishing, sunbathing on the beach—there are so many things to do! Some boats offer scuba, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, rafting, water-skiing, stand-up paddle boarding, and even yoga! During the days, you and your family can take part in your favorite activity or learn about a new one, or you can read a book and nap. On shore there are quiet beaches, villages to explore, and a lot of local shopping. Adults in the family can enjoy some cocktails at one of the bars on shore. Your private yacht charter will show you vistas and unspoiled beaches that can’t be seen from the shore, along with many remote places that resort staff doesn’t even know about. There are plenty of fun activities to take part in and create lasting memories that you and your family will never forget.

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Enjoy a Luxury Yacht Charter in Indonesia


Raja Ampat Many Islets

Raja Ampat Islets

Indonesia is the world’s largest archipelago, straddling the equator with over 17,000 diverse, remote islands and 80,000 kilometers of unspoiled coastline to explore. Its untamed natural beauty, year-round tropical climate, and unrivaled dive sites makes Indonesia a true paradise on Earth.

Many of the charter locations, especially in Raja Ampat, are close to or on the equator. Chartering a private luxury yacht is the best way to experience the exotic beauty of Indonesia. Many of the islands are remote and uninhabited, and have an amazing variety of volcanic scenery, marine life, vibrant cultures, and sailing/diving adventures to be experienced. This makes a luxury yacht in Indonesia one of the most exclusive getaway charter destinations. Go on adrenaline-fueled jet skiing adventures, explore reefs, or relax and sunbathe on sandy white beaches—It’s all within reach when you charter a yacht in Indonesia! (more…)

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Choose The Right Luxury Yacht Charter: Motor Yacht vs. Sailing Yacht


Italy Charter Destination (2)_Portofino

Luxury Charter Yachts in Harbor

There has long been an amicable rivalry between motor and sailing yachts. Both types of charters are fabulous in their own right. Many people who like to charter sailing yachts are yachting enthusiasts with a passion for sailing. Those who prefer motor yachts enjoy the speed and the amenities offered.

Choosing whether you want a sailing or a motor yacht charter is one of the most important decisions you’ll make when planning your luxury yacht charter vacation. In this article, we review the advantages to both sailing and motor yachts so you can choose the right charter for your next getaway.


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183′ Sailing Yacht Regina Prepares Delicious Yacht Charter Cuisine



An amazing four course luncheon served on sailing yacht Regina

The stunning 183′ sailing yacht REGINA wowed Northrop-Johnson Yacht Charters at the 2016 Antigua Charter Yacht Show serving an excellent luncheon especially created for industry yacht charter brokers showcasing that which Regina serves as outstanding tasty cuisine on board every yacht charter.


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Luxury Charter Yacht Reflections Fabulous Cuisine


Power Yacht Reflections 106 foot Christensen Charter yacht


Northrop and Johnson Yacht Charters, Newport was recently treated to a fabulous lunch on board Reflections, a 106’ Christensen Motor Yacht available for crewed yacht charter for up to 8 guests.  Captain Zachary Ring and Chef Cristy Dempster are a great team that have worked together around the world in great #yachtcharter locations.  Ably assisted by Camila Vago and Chase Hunter for full on board service.


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Great Sailing Catamaran St. Martin


Located in St. Martin for luxury yacht charter, the Sailing Catamaran Nemo is comfortable for up to 8 guests in 4 guest staterooms, each with a private bath. We really like the Italian crew, Andrea and Valentina, who are very eco-conscious, with solar panels on board to provide needed electricity, and a reverse osmosis water purifier producing still and sparkling drinking water. A #yachtcharter on board Nemo out of St. Martin could include St. Barths, and Anguilla. Enjoy a terrific crewed yacht charter on board the sailing catamaran #Nemo, along with a little taste of #Italy infused into the on board cuisine.

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Charter a new yacht charter catamaran in the BVI’s


One of the latest new additions available for catamaran sailing in the British Virgin Islands, A2 at 56’ with an additional flybridge offers a great luxury yacht charter. While the yacht may be new, the crew are very experienced with rave reviews on charters in which they were crew on other catamarans offering a sailing holiday in the #Caribbean. This is a great combo of a new yacht with a great experienced crew offering terrific sailing vacations in the #BVI’s on a crewed #luxuryyacht charter.

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Great Greek Charter Motor Yacht: Suncoco



Suncoco is a terrific “double ender” beautiful high quality construction charter motor yacht for a #yachtcharter through the over 6000 Greek Islands. Suncoco has 4 guest staterooms, each with ensuite private bathroom. 3 of the guest staterooms have double beds and the 4th has two twin beds making Suncoco very comfortable for up to 8 yacht charter guests for a great cruise through the lovely Greek Islands.  With an excellent crew and an outstanding chef, Suncoco always has rave reviews for every charter.  You too will have a great charter on board motor yacht Suncoco

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