Newport, Rhode Island

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Beautiful lighthouse by the ocean at sunset

Sunset in Newport Harbor

Newport, Rhode Island, renowned as the City-by-the-Sea, is well known for its maritime history and as the stage of past America’s Cup races. Past the magnificent harbor and only a few steps from any of the city’s marinas, visitors will find fabulous mansions, colonial architecture and history, great music, trendy boutiques, and the International Tennis Hall of Fame. Newport is a living historical panorama from the earliest settlers and the American Revolution, to the great mansions built by 19th century industrialists. There is drama on every step of the Cliff Walk and turn of Ocean Drive and spectacular beauty found in the beaches and harbor, making Newport, Rhode Island an excellent port to visit on a luxury yacht charter.

What to Do and See in Newport, Rhode Island

America’s Firsts: Newport, as one of the first towns established in America, is the birth place of The Redwood Library, America’s oldest library, Touro Synagogue, America’s oldest synagogue, The Old Quaker Meeting House, the oldest Quaker house of worship, The Colony House, the oldest State House still standing, and the White Horse Tavern, claimed to be the oldest continually run tavern in the United States.

Colonial Newport: Wander off the beaten path and stroll some of the quieter streets on Historic Hill and the Point. Your eyes will be opened to a side of Newport that you never knew existed; a once busy colonial harbor town larger than either New York City or Boston, shut down, and locked in time by a British blockade during the Revolutionary War.

Hunter House Newport Rhode Island

Hunter House

No other city in America has more restored colonial-era homes and buildings; almost 200, all protected by the National Register of Historic Landmarks. Several of the more important Colonial Homes are open for tours, such as the Hunter House on Washington Street situated on Newport Harbor as the home of and built by a wealthy sea captain.

Brick Market Museum of Newport History: An architectural treasure, The Brick Market Building, designed by Peter Harrison, was constructed in 1762. Originally it housed an open-air market below with offices on the upper floors including the Custom’s Office, ideally located right beside the docks where goods were offloaded from the mighty clipper ships that sailed into Newport and right up to the docks, given that Newport was a deep water port. Today on the first floor is a museum gift shop with unique gifts, while a museum of Newport history is housed on the upper floors with interactive audio and video exhibits.

“Summer Cottages”: Within blocks of the historic colonial districts are the fabulous mansions of the 19th century wealthy, lined up along Bellevue Avenue. These paragons chose Newport as their place to “summer” in grandiose “cottages”, built as a statement of personal achievement and wealth due to the salubrious cooling winds that cross the island in the summer.

Newport- The Breakers2

The Breakers, Ocean Drive

Enjoy guided tours of many grand mansions and learn much about the lifestyles, tastes and diversions of those that called Newport home during the various centuries of city existence. Each guided tour is unforgettable, highlighting the real-life of real people whose names are part of American legend: Commodore Perry, Vanderbilt, Doris Duke, and John F and Jackie Kennedy. There are also guided tours of the lives of those not so famous; showcasing the Downstairs existence of the Upstairs-Downstairs world of a 19th century upscale mansion.

bannisters wharf newport

Newport, Bannister’s Wharf

Newport Harbor: Ashore around the harbor on the various wharves that once were docks for clipper ships coming in from the Caribbean with wares, are chic shops, boutiques and many restaurants and watering holes. Perhaps enjoy a fresh cooked lobster or a clam boil, complete with lobster bib, both of which are New England favorites.

Cliff Walk Newport Rhode Island

Cliff Walk

Cliff Walk: Take a walk along the Cliff Walk, which borders the “backyards” of so many of the Newport Gilded Age summer “cottages” and the Atlantic Ocean. This is a lovely walk along the Atlantic Ocean, with the same view as those that lived once in these lavish mansions.

International Tennis Hall of Fame Newport Rhode Island

International Tennis Hall of Fame

Tennis Hall of Fame: If you are a tennis enthusiast, on Bellevue Avenue is the International Tennis Hall of Fame, complete with original grass tennis courts. With advance reservations, you too could play tennis on one of the original grass tennis courts.

Yachting Museum: Any yachting enthusiast may enjoy the Yachting Museum on Lower Thames Street within the International Yacht Restoration School, which also has displays and information on yacht restoration, including an active exhibit of the restoration of the schooner “Coronet”, a wooden-hull schooner built in 1885, and one of the oldest and largest schooner yachts in the world. While inside the Yachtting Museum are exhibits about Newport’s international role in Yachting History.

Ocean Drive: Enjoyed as much for the beautiful seascapes of the Atlantic Ocean stretching to England as for landscape of massive mansions and homes, this drive will find you moving from Newport Harbor, around the headland of Newport on the Atlantic Ocean, past Beach Clubs for both the upper and lower classes, and onto Bellevue Avenue, with blocks of large mansions running down either side.

sunset in newport harbor

Sunset in the Newport Harbor

At night, the docks, and streets along the harbor come alive with any number of establishments open for fun and frivolity, both outdoors and indoors. Newport is not just a boarding location from which to start your yacht charter, but is a historic port of call offering a tremendous amount to see and do, before, during or after a luxury yacht charter.