Baranof Island and Warm Springs, Alaska

Baranof Island Forests

Baranof Island Forests

An Alaska Boat Charter is not complete without a stop while on your Alaska charter yacht to enjoy Baranof Island Warm Springs. Baranof Island is part of the City and Borough of Sitka. The eastern side of the island is the location of Baranof Warm Springs, Port Armstrong and Port Walker. Baranof Warm Springs, often referred to simply as Baranof, is located on Warm Springs Bay, off Chatham Strait. Just about a half mile up from the settlement is the outlet of Baranof Lake, a large glacially fed freshwater lake surrounded by spruce and hemlock forests with 3000 foot mountains flanking either side. The three-mile long lake is fed from glacial run-off streams and the Baranof River. Between Baranof Lake and Warm Springs Bay are a series of beautiful rapids and waterfalls, with the water dropping from a small waterfall into the head of the bay, one of many picturesque sights in Alaska.

Baranof Island Warm Springs

Baranof Island Warm Springs

What to do and see on Baranof Island and Warm Springs Bay, Alaska

Baranof Island: Explore the 8th largest island in Alaska. This island was first settled by Europeans in 1799 and was named for Alexander Baranov, who settled the island for the Russian-American Company. This established the center for Russian settlement and the fur trading business.

Warm Springs Bay: Named after the remarkable warm spring waters that fall into the bay that have been enjoyed for centuries by the Tlingit Indians and can be enjoyed today by locals and visitors alike. Hike from the head of the bay on a trail that runs alongside the spring up to the lake. Stop along the way to sit in the warm spring waters in a natural pool and enjoy a simple soak surrounded by nature, overlooking the waterfalls.

Hiking: There are trails throughout the area must easily accessed from Warm Springs Bay, along with suspended foot bridges to enjoy hiking through this lovely forested area.

Fly Fishing: This area is very well known for fly fishing in fresh and salt water for many different fish species, but particularly, during the season, for the Cutthroat Trout, and various species of salmon.