Social Distancing at It’s Finest

April 2020 E-News

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Plan Now-Travel Later

Once the air is clear, for avoiding vacation crowds, yacht charter is vacation social distancing at it’s finest.

All crewed charter yachts are super clean. Crew always scrub, scrub, and scrub again, both inside and out. Now crew are using virus killing cleaning goods, and practicing all known preventative measures including cleaning all provisioning whether covered in plastic or not. No one wants to get sick, and that includes all yacht crew as well.

Great Social Distancing Destinations

New England: Visit islands and enjoy remote anchorages. Perhaps this is a destination to which you can drive to from your home, avoiding the airport.

Bahamas: Enjoy the Exumas. Perhaps boarding right in the Exumas with a small jumper flight right to Staniel Cay, skipping Nassau altogether.

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Must See and Do
Maine Lobster Pot Buoys

Featured Itinerary:
Camden to Camden, Maine

Enjoy the peace and solitude of the secluded islands of Maine.

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Featured Destination:
The Exumas, Bahamas

See the swimming pigs and enjoy the beautiful waters of the Bahamas.

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Yacht Charter News

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The “Gilded Age” is alive and well in Newport, now with customized private tours available through various “Gilded Age” Mansions on Bellevue Avenue and beyond, as arranged by Northrop and Johnson Yacht Charters.

Other summer yacht charter locations include Greece, Croatia, Italy, France, Spain, the South Pacific Seas, Asia, and the Komodo Islands in Indonesia where there are excellent crewed yacht charter choices still available for an outstanding summer cruising vacation. We are worldwide yacht charter experts, and have 35 years of arranging charter, not only in New England, our backyard, but in every worldwide cruising location where crewed private charter yachts might be available.

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New England


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