Written by Missy Johnston

Datca Coast, Turkey

Datca Coast, Turkey

With more coastline to cruise than any other country in the Mediterranean, Turkey is one of the most popular spots for a private yacht charter vacation in this area of the world. Today, we’re taking a closer look at two must-visit locations on a Turkey yacht charter trip—the historic village of Datca and the ancient site of Knidos. 

Marmaris Turkey

Marmaris, Turkey

Datca is an excellent spot to visit while cruising from Marmaris to Bodrum or as a clearance port when entering Turkey from the Greek Dodecanese Island of Symi. Enjoy a traditional Turkish Bath, and be sure to pick up some extra virgin olive oil from the Datca Olive Farm. Those with a sweet tooth can visit one of the local honey shops, as Datca is well-known for the Turkish pine honey (or Bal) it produced in the many hives on the peninsula. Before leaving Datca, we highly recommend stopping for a meal at the luxury hotel Mehmet Ali Aga Konagi. Dine on traditional Turkish fare, including braised nettles, fava beans, and lamb prepared in a slow-cooked oven (reservations required, with the number of lamb orders called in 24 hours in advance). You can even indulge in your Turkish Bath here, heated by wood fires in the renovated mansion. 

Explore the Ancient Site of Knidos in Turkey www.njcharters.com

Explore the Ancient Site of Knidos in Turkey

After visiting Datca, sail into the harbor of Ancient Knidos, just as the ancients did long ago. Located at the tip of the Datca peninsula, Knidos was a popular stop on the ancient trading route during Roman and Byzantine times. Wander the extensive ruins on both the mainland and island, including the Agora, Amphitheatre, Temple to Dionysus, and the Temple to Aphrodite. Anchor overnight in the ancient harbor, and enjoy an exquisite meal on deck prepared by your on-board charter chef, surrounded by the ancient ruins illuminated by the moonlight. 

Knidos Ancient Harbor Guard Tower www.njcharters.com

Knidos Ancient Harbor Guard Tower

You can discover more about Datca and Knidos here, or reach out to us with any questions. We have personally visited both locations, and would love to share our tips and must-see activities for your private yacht charter including these two fabulous ports.