An Extraordinary Natural Experience: The Galapagos!


Over 600 miles off of the Ecuadorian mainland lie the starkly beautiful volcanic islands of the Galapagos that can be best explored on a crewed yacht charter.  Never home to man until recently in the many millenniums the Galapagos Islands have existed; on visiting, one can see why Darwin developed his Theory of Evolution right here.  Natural species living on these islands have uniquely evolved over thousands of years, through their will to survive and hunt food in this stark land and seascape.  As man is a recent eco system addition in the history of these islands; the wild, marine, and birdlife are totally unafraid of humans and continue their normal daily activities without a pause whether man is present or not.


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Great Sailing Catamaran St. Martin


Located in St. Martin for luxury yacht charter, Nemo is comfortable for up to 8 guests in 4 guest staterooms, each with a private bath. We really like the Italian crew, Andrea and Valentina, who are very eco-conscious, with solar panels on board to provide needed electricity, and a reverse osmosis water purifier producing still and sparkling drinking water. A #yachtcharter on board Nemo out of St. Martin could include St. Barths, and Anguilla. Enjoy a terrific crewed yacht charter on board #Nemo, along with a little taste of #Italy infused into the on board cuisine.

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Charter a new yacht charter catamaran in the BVI’s


One of the latest new additions available for catamaran sailing in the British Virgin Islands, A2 at 56’ with an additional flybridge offers a great luxury yacht charter. While the yacht may be new, the crew are very experienced with rave reviews on charters in which they were crew on other catamarans offering a sailing holiday in the #Caribbean. This is a great combo of a new yacht with a great experienced crew offering terrific sailing vacations in the #BVI’s on a crewed #luxuryyacht charter.

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Montenegro Is A Location Bathed in History



With a long coastline of excellent beaches, the coast of Montenegro is considered one of the sunniest locations in the Mediterranean, and is an excellent location in which to cruise on a luxury yacht charter. All along the coast are beautiful sandy beaches stretching between historic towns, including Bar, one half of the connection made by Marconi for the first radio transmissions, and little lovely fishing villages. Enjoy this coastline home to many different civilizations through the centuries, and today a warm sunny cruising location for a private crewed yacht charter vacation.


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Relax onboard Charter Sailing Yacht Zuma


Here at Northrop and Johnson Yacht Charters, we think the 54’ charter sailing yacht, Zuma, with Tory and Bo on board is a great crewed yacht charter option for a sailing yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands. Our most recent on board experience for a lovely lunch prepared by Chef Tory, just confirmed once more that Zuma will provide a wonderful yacht charter for sailing in the Caribbean. Our lunch, prepared by Tory, was delightful. Tory, whose passion for cooking started at a young age, initially developed her love of cooking in the family kitchen while growing up where love of great cuisine was a family affair, and eventually attended a culinary school in Australia for formal training. With over eight years’ experience on charter yachts, we think that Tory and Bo are a great yacht charter crew for your charter yacht vacation.


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Catamaran Best Revenge 5 Great for Caribbean Yacht Charter


Best Revenge 5 is a 60’ Privelege Catamaran available for luxury yacht charter in the #Caribbean. Northrop and Johnson Yacht Charters was just on board Best Revenge 5 inspecting the #yacht at the 2014 BVI Yacht Charter Show. We enjoyed our time on board with the great outgoing crew, Nick and Lucy, who are full of enthusiasm. Lucy offered her Rose and Cucumber-Kiwi infused water as a refreshing drink and for our tummies, a variety of yummy homemade snacks. Best Revenge 5 has lots of water toys and a great layout. For a terrific relaxing private yacht charter filled with lots of fun in the sun, we think Best Revenge 5 is a great #yachtcharter choice.

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Great Greek Charter Motor Yacht: Suncoco



This terrific “double ender”, is a beautiful high quality construction charter motor yacht for a #yachtcharter through the over 6000 Greek Islands. Suncoco has 4 guest staterooms, each with ensuite private bathroom. 3 of the guest staterooms have double beds and the 4th has two twin beds making Suncoco very comfortable for up to 8 yacht charter guests for a great cruise through the lovely Greek Islands.

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When in Venice, Italy, Glide Through the Canals


Venetian sunset

Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

On a private Gondola tour, arranged by Northrop and Johnson Yacht Charters as part of your Venetian experience when on a private crewed yacht charter in Venice; enjoy a noleggio barche, (boat rental), through the canals of Venice. Travel the historic way as just as the Venetians have through the centuries to see and explore this unique city of canals, where buildings are perched on pilings, sprawled across what was once centuries ago a huge marshland. The need for protection ran the original settlers of Venice right into the marsh where they created this extraordinary city on pilings criss- crossed by canals. Today experience the Venice of yesterday, on a Venetian private Gondola tour, as your Gondola Skipper poles you through the various canals, singing traditional Gondolier songs, when visiting Venice on a luxury yacht charter.

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Dunia Baru, Terrific Charter Yacht for Indonesia


Dunia Baru At Night

Dunia Baru at Night

With 7 large guest staterooms all with ensuite bath, Dunia Baru, just launched, is a great new luxury yacht charter addition for sailing vacations in Indonesia for up to 14 guests. Following along with the traditional sailing boat genre in Indonesia, Dunia Baru, is a modern designed Phinisi, built by the Konjo Boat Builders from Sulawesi, an age old traditional boat building village in Indonesia. Dunia Baru means “New World”, as the Owner along with Kasten Marine spent many hours designing a “new world” Phinisi with all of the modern amenities, yet reflective of Indonesian maritime history and culture. Chartering in the Komodo Archipelago, home of the Komodo Dragon and the Eastern Flores Archipelago, home of the Ikat Textile weaving villages in the winter, and Raja Ampat, home of the Four Kingdoms, in the summer, Dunia Baru is a great new addition for #yachtcharter, in a terrific emerging luxury yacht charter location.

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