Yacht Charter Favorite Willy T Returns to British Virgin Islands


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Floating restaurant William Thornton, also known as the Willy T, was a casualty of Hurricane Irma in 2017. After some back-and-forth with the government, it has now returned, which you can read about here

The William Thornton was moved from “The Bight” at Norman Island to its new spot: Great Harbour on Peter Island. Willy T is a famous favorite of the yacht charter crowd. On board, charterers can chow down on honey-stung chicken and conch fritters along with select adult beverages. Be sure to purchase a Hurricane Irma T-shirt created to commemorate its brief absence, and read more about this BVI must-visit spot on the NJ Charters Blog.

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Take a Private Yacht Charter to an Artist’s Paradise: Monhegan Island

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Monhegan Island Harbor

There is an island off the coast of Maine where time appears to stand still. Small, shingled 19th-century homes dot the otherwise undisturbed landscape. Rocky shores, wildflowers, and the Atlantic delight the soul. Monhegan Island attracts those who view life with an artist’s eye, as it has for centuries. Edward Hopper, George Bellows, Rockwell Kent, and others stayed and painted here. You can read more about them in this article.

Visitors come to paint, seek out rare birds, eat fresh lobster, and hike through serene forests. Monhegan Island invites people of all ages to unplug and focus on the sunset instead of their cell phones. One particularly lovely way to pay a visit is via a private charter yacht. Sail into the natural harbor and watch for whales along the way! Read more about this natural wonder here.

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Exumas Yacht Charter Itinerary from Nassau to Georgetown


Beautiful Beaches of the Bahamas

On an Exumas yacht charter, any number of days can be spent enjoying the lovely water, great beaches, and all there is to see and do in the Exumas.  This itinerary is for 10 days, however can be shortened to 7 days or extended to 14 days.  Once you are in the Bahamas on an Exumas yacht charter, you may find it very hard to leave.


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A Historical Look at Le Club 55


Pamplonne Beach and Club 55 San Tropez www.njcharters.com

Pamplonne Beach and Club 55 in San Tropez

In 1955, And God Created Woman was filmed on little-known Pampelonne Beach in Saint-Tropez, starring an equally little-known actress, Brigitte Bardot. The film was a salacious smash hit both in France and across the world. It launched Bardot into superstardom along with Saint Tropez. Just a humble set of cottages at the time, Le Club 55 also grew into one of the hottest beach clubs in existence. To learn more about how both Bardot and Le Club 55 became legends, click here.


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Yacht vs. Superyacht: Which Is the Best Yacht for Charter for You?


Yacht Charter Lifestyle-Swimming Platform www.njcharters.comThere is nothing quite like the private yacht charter experience. It is a carefully customized vacation designed for you and your guests, whether family or friends. The best parts are the luxury, the attentive crew service, and the lack of limitations; you are able to choose your destinations, your amenities, and your adventures.

Another amazing option is the type of yacht. The question then becomes, “Which is the best yacht for charter for me and my group?”

We will demystify the various yacht types so you can more easily choose the best yacht for you. There isn’t a more luxurious way to travel the globe.


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12 Top Tourist Attractions on Santorini-Visit by Luxury Yacht Charter

Santorini at Sunset njcharters.com

Santorini at Sunset

The iconic whitewashed churches and homes of Santorini beckon visitors, but there is so much more to discover beyond these walls. The island is the largest in a circular archipelago formed by an ancient volcanic eruption. Still, today, tourists can bathe in hot springs bubbling up from the caldera, or volcanic crater. Ruins rivaling Pompei invoke a civilization of sea-bound merchants and craftsmen. To learn more about the magic of this place, read about its 12 top-rated tourist attractions.

Could this archipelago be the lost city of Atlantis, as some mythologies indicate? Explore natural wonders and mysterious ruins from the comfort of your own private charter yacht on a yacht charter in Greece, and don’t forget to visit the village of Oia to witness its spectacular sunsets.

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Island-Hopping in French Polynesia by Private Yacht Charter

French Polynesia South Pacific yacht charter location www.njcharters.com

French Polynesia

There is a ubiquitous image of paradise found—a rustic bungalow perched over a vast expanse of ultramarine waters, palm trees swaying in the background. From the deck, tropical fish can be seen flitting about. This is French Polynesia, a land of verdant atolls, abundant wildlife, and the elusive Tahitian pearl. There is so much to discover here, and the best way by far is via private yacht charter

Be sure to book some time for snorkeling and swimming at black sand beaches. This helpful island-hopping guide also highlights perfect spots to sip a cocktail and book a spa treatment.

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Cruising on Board a Charter Yacht into Rovinj, Croatia


Rovinj Old Town, Croatia

Rovinj Old Town, Croatia

Cruise into Rovinj Harbor on your charter yacht and enjoy a traditional fishing village on the Istrian Peninsula in northern Croatia where a copper statue of their Patron Saint, St. Euphemia points out to sea when the weather is good for fishing, and into town when weather is poor, and no fisherman should leave the harbor.  All locals abide by what their good St. Euphemia tells them and only leave the harbor to fish when the statue, perched on the top of the bell tower of the Church of St. Euphemia on the highest point of land in town, points out to sea.  And it is wise, when on a charter yacht, to take heed of St. Euphemia’s message as well as St. Euphemia is the Patron Saint of Rovinj after she in her sarcophagus floated into the harbor sometime in 900 A.D., some say from a spectral ship.


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Seeing the Balearics By Private Yacht Charter

Harbor in Mallorca Spain

Beautiful Harbor in Mallorca, Spain

In the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, four islands beckon travelers to indulge in a sun-soaked Spanish adventure. Menorca, Mallorca, Ibiza, and Formentera are dream destinations for the private yacht charter enthusiast. Seeing the Balearics is on the bucket list of any sailors worth their salt; read more here about the world-famous regattas and picturesque ports.

For island-hopping in style, there is no better way to visit the Balearics than on your own private chartered yacht. Ibiza offers hedonistic pleasures with dancing from sundown to sunrise . . . but the rest of the island along with Menorca, Mallorca, and Formentera offer so much more. On Mallorca, select the catch of the day from smiling fishermen in the harbor and have it grilled to order in La Llotja, the old fish market in Old Town. Dance until dawn in Formentera and take a refreshing dip in an aqua cove before getting some rest. 

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Beyond the Red Carpet – Traveling in Cannes


Cannes, France

When someone mentions Cannes, France, does your mind go straight to the eponymous film festival? You’re not alone. Starlets in couture aside, this city is a vibrant and welcoming hotspot for any tourist. If you plan to visit in winter, spring, summer, or fall, this guide includes recommendations for everything from beaches to food and drinks. 

Personally, we recommend taking a private yacht charter to this glamorous seaside location. The French Riviera comes alive from the deck of your luxury yacht. You can visit a cabaret, where glam meets camp for a night that you will never forget. Otherwise, if an espresso and a croissant at a seaside cafe is what you’re looking for, Cannes has it all avec panache. And for those that do want to see the Red Carpet and everyone gliding down the ribbon of red to the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, one of the best views is from an upper deck of a luxury charter yacht anchored right off of Pointe Croisette while your crew waits on you hand and foot. We can provide even more helpful travel tips to plan your luxury Cannes vacation today. 

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