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Gocek Bay

There is an ancient coastal town located on Gocek Bay in Turkey known as Fethiye, that will give vacationers a look into the past and views to die for. Fethiye is the perfect yacht charter destination; it is built on a breathtaking hillside and hugs the turquoise Medeterranian Sea. It is also a market town that houses the site of ancient Telmossos and showcases the ruins of a Crusader’s castle, which was once occupied by the Knights of Rhodes. But the stars of the town are the Lycian Templefront Tombs that grace the mountainside rocks.

Dalyan River Lycian Cliff Tombs

Dalyan River Lycian Cliff Tombs

These Lycian cliffside tombs are carved directly into the rocks and resemble small temples which are said to model the houses of ancient Lycians who inhabited the area long ago. The best way to see the ancient tombs are up close and personal—by taking a small trek outside of town, up into the hills, and climbing the two hundred steps that lead to the top. After reaching the tombs atop the mountainside, prepare to be taken back by gorgeous views of the little town below, the beautiful turquoise waters, and the surrounding tombs encased in the mountains. Choose Fethiye for your next private yacht charter destination to be wowed by beauty and history.

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Cruising up the Dalyan River