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Visit the beautiful Krka Falls on a yacht charter in Croatia

Krka Falls, Luxury Yachts, Super Yachts

Krka Falls

Located within a Croatian National Park, Krka Falls, close to the mouth of the Krka River, is a terrific itinerary stop while on a crewed yacht charter along the coast of Croatia. Somewhat in the middle of the Dalmatian Coast, Krka Falls are located just a short cruise from the Adriatic Sea up the Krka River, the waters of which originate in the Dinara Mountains. And, just a short cruising distance up the Krka River from the mouth, is Visovac Lake sitting in front of two sets of outstanding scenic water falls. Cruise up the Krka River while on a crewed yacht charter along the coast of Croatia and anchor in front of the majestic Krka Falls surrounded by nature in what is sure to be one of the most scenic anchorages on earth.

Krka Falls, Luxury Yachts, Super Yachts

Krka National Park Waterfalls 

There are two sets of waterfalls, one flowing into the other with river waters cascading into Visovac Lake before flowing out to the Adriatic Sea. The upper falls are named Skradinski Buk, and these falls cascade into a water plateau before flowing over the lower falls or Roški Falls into Visovac Lake. Just below the over 17 waterfalls making up the two sets of water falls above, is a great spot in Visovac Lake to swim in the fresh peaceful river water accompanied by the thunderous sounds of falling water. Nearby are several traditional wheat and corn watermills, some still in use today, and several local craft shops.

 Krka Falls, Luxury Yachts, Super Yachts

Krka Falls Cascading Water Falls

Within Visovac Lake is the tiny island of Visovac which was settled by Franciscan monks in 1445. When settled, a monastery was built on the island which was later demolished in the 18th century and rebuilt as the building in existence today. In 1576, the church was built. The monastery contains a number of well-preserved artifacts, a library, and a museum with a collection of archeological artifacts. Today visitors are welcome to stop at Visovac Island, a tiny almost forgotten oasis sitting in Visovac Lake, to see the church, library and museum.

 Krka Falls, Luxury Yachts, Super Yachts

Krka Falls-Visovac Monastery Gardens

As part of a national park, the Krka Falls, Visovac Lake, and surrounding area, are a protected habitat for marine and wildlife. The river is home to a large variety of fish, while the surrounding forests are considered a bird watchers paradise. Foot paths and bridges have been built through the forests surrounding the river and falls, offering great hiking through beautiful surroundings.

Krka Falls, Luxury Yachts, Super Yachts

Bridges and Footpaths in Krka National Park

Leave the Adriatic Sea on your crewed yacht charter along the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia and cruise inland a short distance up the Krka River to enjoy the beauty of the stupendous Krka Falls and explore Visovac Lake, Visovac Island and the surrounding forests of the national park.