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View from The Exotic Garden Eze French Riviera njcharters.com

Eze, France

Eze, France is a quaint little town seated on a hilltop in the middle of Nice and Monaco—perfect for a day trip on your next Mediterranean private yacht charter. Eze offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, lined by walled fortifications that are part of the ruins of a 12th century castle. The castle, originally built by the Romans and Moors, was used as a lookout for marauding pirates stealing inland from ships sailing along the coast. What’s left of the castle are beautiful cobblestone streets, weaving throughout the village, perfect for wandering by foot.

Village of Eze and Ochre Church French Riviera njcharers.com

Village of Eze and Ochre Church French Riviera

Anchoring near Villefranche, Beaulieu ul Mer, or Cap Ferrat will allow the captain to arrange a van and private guide to the village of Eze inland. There’s a little perfume factory that offers free tours as well, of perfumes hand made in nearby Grasse.

Walking Streets of Eze French Riviera njcharters.com

Walking Streets of Eze French Riviera

Wander through Eze on the cobblestone streets at your leisure—you won’t get lost. The village is small enough to walk through in an afternoon. Hike a little further up to the Exotic Garden for beautiful views of the French Riviera and a great photo opportunity of the Cote d’Azur. Enjoy the handful of cute little shops, hidden courtyards, boutiques, and art galleries while spending a glorious day in Eze.  Perhaps have lunch or dinner at the two star Michelin Restaurant La Chevre d”Or with Chef Arnaud Faye (reservations required). Visiting Eze should not be missed on a Mediterranean private yacht charter vacation. 

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Eze Narrow Alleyways