What To Do In Genoa, Italy, During A Private Luxury Yacht Cruise

Genoa Harbor Italy njcharters.com

Genoa Harbor, Italy

If you’re taking a private luxury yacht cruise through the Italian Riviera, there is no better place to start your journey than in beautiful Genoa, Italy, with an international airport very close to the yacht marinas where your charter yacht awaits.. Load up on rich Italian food and immerse yourself in the unique history and culture of the city before beginning your luxury yacht charter. 

Food and Drink

Genoa Harbor Front Italy njcharters.com

Genoa Old Town

Sample the fresh seafood and pesto Genoa is known for at the Ristorante Creuza de Ma in Boccadasse. Additionally, Eataly Genova and the Pizzeria 23 Febbraio are great lunch options, while the Blue Lounge Bar and Restaurant inside the Melia Genova hotel offers amazing cocktails and dinner fare. 

History and Architecture

San Lorenzo Cathedral Genoa Italy njcharters.com

San Lorenzo Cathedral

There is no shortage of gorgeous, historical buildings in Genoa. One example is the San Lorenzo Cathedral, a lovely Roman and Gothic style cathedral built between the 12th and 14th centuries. 

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Genoa Old Port

To see more medieval-era buildings, take a walking tour through the Old City. You’ll be able to see mansions, churches, and palazzos, built by Genoa’s wealthiest residents, in between stops at the boutiques and restaurants hidden in the winding, maze-like streets. Genoa is Europe’s largest medieval town, so plan to spend a few hours exploring all of the narrow alleyways and open squares. Your captain can arrange a private museum quality guide for a walking tour.

Scenery and Attractions

View of Genoa from Spianata di Castelletto

The best view in Genoa may be the one from the Spianata di Castelletto. Climb the cobblestone staircase all the way to the top, or take the elevator from Piazza Portello, and enjoy looking at Genoa’s old town and port laid out below.. 

If maritime history and tradition are your cup of tea, perhaps visit the Galata Museo del Mare, which is the largest of its kind in the Mediterranean. Also worth visiting is Genoa’s Aquarium. 

Genoa is such a perfect place to begin your yacht trip of northern Italy that you will undoubtedly want to spend more time here. Several Italian yacht cruise itineraries include Genoa as a starting point or ending port for either the Ligurian Coast or a charter that includes Portofino and the Cinqueterre.

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Stop in Camden, Maine During Your Down East Maine Luxury Yacht Cruise


Written by Missy Johnston

Sailboats in the Camden Harbor

Camden, Maine is renowned for its breathtaking natural scenery and outdoorsy culture. If you want to drop anchor and relax on the beach, or hike through beautiful nearby pine forests, you can absolutely do that. But there are many other interesting things you may want to do when visiting Camden, Maine, when on a crewed luxury private yacht charter vacation in Down East, Maine.  


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Great Things to Do on a Private Luxury Yacht Cruise to British Columbia


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Pacific NW British Columbia Emerald Lake

Emerald Lake, British Columbia

British Columbia, Canada is replete with majestic natural beauty. On a private yacht charter cruise starting in Bellingham, Washington to Campbell River, cruising through spectacular scenery, be sure to include the following ports and anchorages, but most of all, be sure to  breathe deeply of the fresh, mountain air. 


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What to Do On a Private Luxury Yacht Cruise to Key West


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The 7 Mile Bridge Leading to Key West

The 7 Mile Bridge Leading to Key West

Key West has always been home to the renegade, those that preferred to stay just beyond the law, or perhaps were lawless such as pirates or rum runners. And it’s no secret that Key West offers plenty of beach activities and relaxation in the sun for yachties wanting to drop anchor and lay out a towel. But if you are looking to do something a little more unusual and quirky while you’re in town, head ashore, as Key West is home to the unusual and quirky and a lot of history.  

Try some of these fun ideas while on your Key West yacht charter.


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Best Things to Do On a Private Yacht Cruise to Sicily


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Beautiful old harbor with wooden fishing boat in Cefalu, Sicily, Italy.

Beautiful old harbor-Sicily, Italy

Exploring Sicily on a luxury private yacht tour lets you experience the area in a most memorable way. The largest island in the Mediterranean offers a coastal paradise for you to enjoy during your private yacht cruise. Pick your favorite themes among white sand beaches, stunning rocky cliffs, enthralling history and architecture, luxury shopping, and delectable Italian cuisine, and then use this guide to create your customized Sicilian luxury yacht cruise itinerary.


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Owner of Northrop-Johnson Yacht Charters, Missy Johnston, to Serve Second Term as AYCA President

Missy Johnston njcharters.com

Missy Johnston

We are pleased to announce that Missy Johnston, owner of Northrop-Johnson Yacht Charters, has been chosen for her second term as American Yacht Charter Association (AYCA) president. Ms. Johnston has certainly earned her place among the ranks of AYCA specialists who aspire to promote all aspects of the private luxury yacht charter industry.

The AYCA has been dedicated to the advancement of yacht chartering practices and legislation since its inception in 1986. The association was initially formed out of necessity; several established yacht brokers needed a plan to allow their charter clients to watch the Tall Ships Parade of 1986. The original members joined together with a narrow focus, which was quickly broadened to include all aspects of U.S. Coast Guard rules and regulations for both American flag charter yachts and all flag yachts chartering in U.S. coastal and territorial waters. The group expanded with additional experienced Charter Brokers joining the cause, and the AYCA was officially established. 

Today, the organization brings together “the best of the best” charter managers and charter brokers who combine their many years of knowledge and experience to boost professionalism, establish top standards, and help in all aspects of charter with U.S. flag yachts and any flag yacht chartering in U.S. coastal and territorial waters. The AYCA works together closely with the U.S. Coast Guard (USCG), the International Maritime Organization, and other yacht charter associations, including international associations such as the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association (MYBA), which is the sister organization to the American Yacht Charter Association. 

These partnerships form a crucial alliance between charter brokers, legislative bodies, and law enforcement that allows for smoother and more uniform charter standards and contracts around the world. Additionally, being in close contact with other organizations in the United States and around the world ensures that the AYCA, and by extension, Ms. Johnston’s company, Northrop-Johnson Yacht Charters, is in front of any changes in maritime laws, yachting practices, and any other information about which a charter client should be advised for the best and safest yacht charter possible.   

In addition to the many other benefits, AYCA members, through active participation in the association, receive an understanding of complex matters such as maritime laws, regional laws, and safety issues. Any client who works with an AYCA professional enjoys the expertise and support of an entire association determined to make their experience as seamless, safe, and pleasant as possible. 

A Full Member of the AYCA is required to have seven years of experience as a Charter Broker or Charter Manager before becoming a Member. Succeeding in a position that requires seven years of being an active charter broker came naturally to Ms. Johnston, with her 35 years in the charter brokerage industry. She is happy to lead and serve such a dedicated group of professionals. 

During her first term as president, Ms. Johnston worked helping to write the Passenger Vessel Safety Act of 1993, one of the most important pieces of legislation in the U.S. addressing yacht charter. During her help in writing this law, Ms. Johnston met with USCG representatives and the USCG Legal Department in Washington DC, along with maritime committee members in the House of Representatives and provided constructive information on the industry to develop the most appropriate law possible. Her contribution to this federal law laid the groundwork for her future work assisting with developing contracts and agreements for yacht charter under American Admiralty Law. 

Notably, Ms. Johnston was integral to the writing of the AYCA Uninspected Passenger Vessel Contract and the AYCA Demise Contracts, including the Recreational Bareboat Contract and the Vessel Services Contract. She is continuing to work on the latest revisions of all three of these contracts along with other important projects during her second term as president. 

Additionally, Ms. Johnston helped with the industry development of the MARAD waiver, application of which, for the right yacht, allows that yacht to move from recreational charter to commercial charter, which is more favorable for the owner and charterer. 

As owner of Northrop-Johnson Yacht Charters since 1997, and a charter broker since 1988, Ms. Johnston puts her Bachelor of Architectural History degree to good use. She develops detailed itineraries for her clients to enjoy and puts her knowledge and passion into highlighting the fascinating historical and archeological sites travelers can visit during their yacht charter vacations. 

Ms. Johnston has been an active member of the AYCA since 1991, and has served as Vice President, Secretary, and as a member of the Board for many years and now for a second term as President. 

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What to Do on a Luxury Private Yacht Cruise to the French Riviera


Written by Missy Johnston

French Riviera, luxury yacht charter with njcharters.com

French Riviera

It’s difficult to fit everything you want to see into just one private yacht charter vacation through the French Riviera. The area boasts beautiful beaches, chic and wealthy cities, and historic medieval towns ripe for exploration. Pick your style, and then use this guide to plan your journey. 


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What to Do On A Private Luxury Yacht Cruise to Vis Island, Croatia


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Luxury yachts in Town of Vis waterfront 

Vis is just one of the many gorgeous and historic islands you can visit on a private luxury yacht cruise to Croatia. But its attractions, food, scenery, and history combine to provide a one-of-a-kind vacation experience. Here’s what to do on your yacht cruise to Vis, Croatia.  


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The Wide Array of Destinations Available for Private Yacht Charter


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On Deck Amenities on Private Yacht charter

On Deck Amenities on Luxury Yacht Charter

If the white sand beaches of Greece or the bustling nightlife of Nassau in the Bahamas sound appealing, start planning now for  your next vacation. Before booking an airline ticket and arranging for a private car to transport you once you land, ask yourself:

Do you want the same old vacation you’ve always taken? Or would you like to experience something new? 


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The Ionian Islands: Best Destinations for a Luxury Private Yacht Cruise


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Zakynthos Sunset over Shipwreck Beach

The Ionian Islands, located off the western coast of Greece’s mainland, inspire feelings of awe and wonder. As one of the most beautiful and historic locations on Earth, these islands offer an immersive paradise for those who can visit on a private yacht. 

Sail from island to island to experience the variety, or drop anchor near your favorite beach and stay a while. The choice is yours. Just make sure you allow enough time to visit all of the following places during your luxury private yacht cruise through the Ionian islands. 


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