Hop Aboard Your Luxury Yacht Charter in Tivat, Montenegro


Written by Missy Johnston

Tivat Montenegro Harbor

Harbor in Tivat, Montenegro

A luxury yacht charter vacation is an idyllic way to explore Croatia. With over a thousand islands to explore, there are new and wonderful places to discover whether it’s your first or fifth visit. No matter which spots you choose to include, every private yacht charter excursion along the coast of Croatia is filled with clear waters and gorgeous anchorages. Start your luxury yacht charter in Tivat for Croatia, which is one of our favorite starting ports for a charter along the coast and through the islands of Croatia.  


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Enjoy Eclectic Portland, Maine on a Luxury Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

Portland Maine Headlands www.njcharters.com

Portland, Maine

Portland, Maine is an old seacoast town often described as funky and eclectic. We love it for all of the unique and memorable experiences it has to offer. From museums to restaurants and one-of-a kind boutiques, Portland is a beautiful city, and the downtown harbor is a great stop in Maine on a luxury yacht charter vacation. 

We thoroughly enjoy helping our clients plan the perfect luxury yacht charter vacation, and New England is an area that never disappoints. Portland in particular boasts many things to see and do, so it’s sure to delight everyone on board. 


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Soak Up the Colonial Experience on a Luxury Yacht Charter in New England


Written by Missy Johnston

New England Lighthouse

Many of us travel to learn more about the culture and history of different parts of the world. Compared to other countries, America is still a young, fledgling country, which means it has plenty to offer those interested in exploring its roots. When we look back at America’s beginnings, New England was front and center. The area is brimming with colonial history, so it’s a fabulous choice for those looking to explore the past while also enjoying relaxation and vacation fun. 

Experiencing colonial America on a crewed yacht charter cruising in New England is one of the best (and most enjoyable) ways to explore this region. It’s also an opportunity to feel like a real colonist traveling by sea from port to port, just as was often done in colonial times. Not to mention, a private charter yacht cruise through New England is the perfect combination of colonial history and modern-day luxury, with as much beach and water time as you desire mixed in. Some travelers may be close enough to drive to a point of departure for a New England charter yacht trip, making it an even more attractive option. But it’s also easy to book a flight, and well worth it, as New England has plenty to offer to charterers  from all over the world. 

With so much to see and do in each location, we’ve selected a few highlights (with a bit of colonial history) about each stop to give a sense of all that awaits. Even better, we have also included links to additional resources we’ve compiled. Feel free to dig deeper into the stops that really pique your interest. And, of course, we’re here to help you every step of the way to create a truly personalized New England yacht charter vacation. 


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Visit the Greek Island of Patmos on a Private Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

Patmos island Greece njcharters.com

Patmos, Greece

One of the northern-most islands in the Greek Dodecanese Islands chain, Patmos calls to visitors for a variety of reasons. Boasting beautiful beaches and stunning coastlines, Patmos, Greece is also a very important destination in Christian Biblical history. Many of the faithful have made a pilgrimage here to see these religious landmarks up close and personal, and these pilgrimages continue today. Whether you’re religious or not, Patmos is sure to soothe the soul and refresh your spirit. There’s no better way to visit Patmos than while on a private yacht charter


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Cruise Into Upscale Historic New England on a Luxury Yacht Charter to Sag Harbor


Written by Missy Johnston

Sag Harbor, New England, luxury yacht charter

Sag Harbor

During colonial times, the New York City patriots fled to Sag Harbor NY to escape the Red Coats by boat. Today, people are escaping to Sag Harbor by yacht as part of a relaxing, luxury yacht charter vacation. In fact, Sag Harbor has a large protected natural harbor that is now mainly in use by visiting yachtsmen, making it an ideal destination as part of a private yacht charter itinerary in  New England


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Rediscover Florida and the Florida Keys on a Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

Florida Keys Bahia Honda State Park

Florida Keys

When thinking about your next trip, sometimes it’s hard to decide where to go. There are so many wonderful choices. Fortunately, we have the perfect destination choice that will reinvigorate and rejuvenate you—Florida and the Florida Keys. Even if you’ve been here before, there’s so much to see and do, it’s worth a repeat trip. And if you have never cruised in Florida and through the Florida Keys by yacht, this is a whole different way to see and enjoy this spectacular destination.   

Why? A Florida yacht charter allows you to explore all of the beaches and islands the area has to offer, along with all of the surrounding underwater coral gardens and the beautiful crystal clear water, perfect for swimming and maybe throwing in a line or two for fishing. On a private yacht charter, this is a vacation on your own schedule, with an itinerary personalized to your preferences and requests. 

Another benefit of a Florida yacht charter for those living in the U.S. is that you may be able to drive to the charter yacht, rather than flying, depending on where you live. It’s a nice bonus for those who may not want to fly. Regardless, wherever you’re coming from, we have some insider tips and sample itineraries to share with you. Try travel on a luxury yacht charter.


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Get the Best Views of Juneau on a Luxury Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

Juneau, Alaska Entrance by Sea njcharters.com

Juneau, Alaska Entrance by Sea

For many people, Juneau, Alaska holds a premier spot on their bucket list. The best and really only way to experience Juneau is on a luxury yacht charter, along with the rest of Alaska in true “Bucket List” style.  The spectacular nature, local culture, and extraordinary views of the Last Frontier can best be seen up close, personal, and hands on aboard a private yacht charter. 


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10 Ways To Enjoy a Pampered Vacation On a Luxury Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

Cocktails on a Private Beach

Cocktails on a Private Beach

“Being waited on hand and foot, with the beautiful water around me, my own private chef preparing exactly what I wanted to eat and drink . . . everything I desired was right there at my fingertips. It’s the ultimate escape.”

These are actual words spoken by one of our clients after she returned from her private yacht charter vacation, and they perfectly sum up everything we aim to offer—a luxury pampered vacation. And who doesn’t want to be pampered? In fact, right now, we all need some extra TLC. So, here it is—the top ten ways to spoil yourself on a luxury yacht charter vacation. We also included our pro tips and insider information for you to start planning the vacation of a lifetime. 


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The Real After Party: Ibiza, Spain on a Luxury Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

Ibiza Famous Sunset

Ibiza’s Famous Sunset

Ibiza Town in Spain is often thought of as just a port to stop in on your luxury yacht charter for a night of clubbing and dancing. But there’s actually a quieter and more traditional side of Ibiza worth exploring on a private yacht charter in the Balearic Islands. A large portion of Ibiza is actually a designated UNESCO World Heritage site, and there are many beautiful villages, beaches, and anchorages to explore. 


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Social Distancing Luxury Travel on a Private Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

Yacht Charter Lifestyle

Yacht Charter Lifestyle

One of the things our clients love the most about a private yacht charter vacation is that it affords the opportunity to social distance as much or as little as you want, while offering up luxury amenities and five-star service. There is simply no better way to travel and explore the world!

A private yacht charter vacation has so much to offer any time of year as this is the ideal trip that offers the ultimate in personalization, social distancing, and (perhaps most importantly) luxury! Let’s take a closer look at why a luxury yacht charter is the best type of vacation to plan, then see exactly what awaits you onboard with an exclusive look at some of the charter yachts available in three of our favorite destinations. 


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