A Cultural Private Yacht Charter Vacation in Fiji

Fiji, Malakati Village. Nacula Island

Malakati Village Nacula Island-Photo by Missy Johnston

Yachting in Fiji is much more than just beautiful views of tropical forests and crystal blue waters. In the Fijian out islands, most easily reached on a private yacht charter, experience the culture, heart, and soul of Fiji. Villages in the out islands each have a unique cultural structure embedded in traditions passed down for generations. In order for visiting yachts to anchor in a village harbor, a Sevu Sevu Ceremony is required and conducted by village elders around the kava bowl, while a Meke of various traditional dances might be performed as part of any village celebration. A private yacht charter vacation in Fiji is the perfect way to experience the unique culture of the Fijian Out Islands. 

Fiji Malakati Village Nacula Island Sevusevu

Malakati Village – Sevu Sevu Ceremony-Photo by Missy Johnston

While visiting villages is an excellent way to experience the culture of Fiji, a visit to the  Fiji Museum in Suva provides the colorful history of the country. The backdrop against which village culture evolved includes the grisly practice of cannibalism, which prevailed in the out islands as late as 1895. The final remains of Thomas Baker, a Christian Missionary in 1867, are on display in the museum, consisting of one very well-chewed, but ultimately inedible, shoe. Surrounding the museum are the Thurston Gardens, featuring various species of Fijian flora and fauna, all found when cruising through the out islands on a private yacht charter vacation in Fiji.

Participate in a Sevu Sevu Ceremony in Fiji www.njcharters.com

Sevu Sevu Ceremony-Photo by Missy Johnston

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Visiting Ponza: A Spectacular Private Yacht Charter Destination

Port of Ponza, Italy

Port of Ponza, Italy

Ponza is a magical island off the western coast of Italy near Rome that must be explored by boat—making it a truly perfect yacht charter destination in Italy. The largest of the three Pontine Islands, Ponza is a sensational destination to visit during the summer months. Relaxation begins the moment you set afoot your private yacht charter to cruise around the island just as ancient Romans, who considered Ponza the perfect resort island. Walk through the ancient Roman tunnel from Ponza Town to emerge in dazzling Chiaia di Luna. Green landscapes, amazing rock formations, grottos, some hand cut by Romans, beach coves, an ancient Roman built tunnel and ancient Roman ruins all can be found on Ponza Island, a spectacular private yacht charter destination. 

Luna Bay Ponza Italy njcharters.com

Luna Bay Ponza Italy

The water is also truly something special—absolutely crystal clear and perfect for a dip anytime during the day. Explore the little town of Ponza, and talk a walk through the Roman hand dug tunnel from Ponza Town to Luna Bay while your charter yacht cruises around the island, and anchors in Luna Bay for an afternoon of water sports fun.  Further up the coast of Ponza Island are natural grottos and grottos hand dug by the Romans, perhaps for indoor swimming, or to hold live fish or eels for dinner.  End the day waning in a lovely sunset before a fabulous dinner on the top deck created by your own private onboard chef.

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Three Recommendations to Eat, Shop, and Play on a Private Yacht Charter in Monte Carlo, Monaco

monte carlo, yachting, super yachts

Monte Carlo

Located on the French Riviera, Monte Carlo, Monaco is well known for yachting, gambling, and wealth. This small, glamorous city is a luxurious destination that is home to many billionaires. Monaco is a playground for the wealthy and an excellent yachting destination. Many celebrities and billionaires are drawn to a handful of high-profile events, such as the Monaco Grand Prix. Below we share three recommendations to eat, shop, and play on your private yacht charter in Monte Carlo.

Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

The world’s most famous casino just so happens to be in Monte Carlo. Casino Monte Carlo is a fabulous destination to visit, even if you aren’t a gambler. The gorgeous architecture and interior are to die for, making it an absolute must see. For shopping, the Metropole Shopping Center is the place to be. Here, visitors will find both high-end and boutique-like shops to enjoy. For a bite to eat, check out Le Louis XV- Alain Ducasse. This is a fine dining restaurant that features delectable international cuisine. Be sure to have your yacht captain make reservations in advance. Two bonus hotspots to check out are Cafe de Paris, known to draw the rich and famous, and Nikki Beach, world-renowned and located at the Fairmont Hotel.  Visit all three when in port on a private yacht charter in Monte Carlo

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Keeping Your Social Distance On A Remote Croatia Yacht Charter


Dubrovnik. Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

What is the key to taking the perfect holiday? The Croatians, specifically the Dalmatians, would say it’s fjaka—which means a “deliciously lazy mood of utter contentment.” We’d have to agree. Croatia is an excellent private yacht charter destination for a relaxing summertime vacation. With clean fresh water, an abundance of islands (1000 to be exact), and TONS of remote anchorages, there is no shortage of ways to enjoy the beauty and relaxation of a yacht charter vacation in Croatia. Below, we share a list of 13 of the best destinations in Croatia and ways to enjoy your vacation.


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FAQ: Things To Do on a New England Yacht Charter Vacation


Bowens Wharf Newport, RI www.njcharters.com

Bowens Wharf Newport, RI

While yacht charter destinations may be a bit more limited these days, a yacht charter vacation  in New England is hands-down an excellent, luxurious getaway this summer—especially if you’re looking for a trip that allows for social distancing. Creating a private yacht charter itinerary provides so much flexibility. It is all about tailoring the trip to your desires, including what you want to see and do, making sure that the on board cuisine created by your private chef satisfies your food tastes and having your favorite wines on board. 

Choose to stay aboard your private yacht for the entire charter—enjoying beautiful scenery and the crystal blue ocean, perfect for swimming and watersports fun or a swim to a deserted beach. Or, if you’re interested in seeing what New England has to offer ashore, disembark and head out. Visit museums and art galleries, try a little shopping for local favorites and take home a memory, or enjoy a terrific hike or bicycle ride. Or, perhaps a little beach time is in order. What are the best things to do on a New England private yacht charter vacation? Read below for our recommendations.


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Visit Fethiye, Turkey on a Yacht Charter—A Scenic Village With Ancient Lycian Tombs

Gocek bigstockphoto_Boats_On_The_Mediterranean_Sea_1881132 www.njcharters.com

Gocek Bay

There is an ancient coastal town located on Gocek Bay in Turkey known as Fethiye, that will give vacationers a look into the past and views to die for. Fethiye is the perfect yacht charter destination; it is built on a breathtaking hillside and hugs the turquoise Medeterranian Sea. It is also a market town that houses the site of ancient Telmossos and showcases the ruins of a Crusader’s castle, which was once occupied by the Knights of Rhodes. But the stars of the town are the Lycian Templefront Tombs that grace the mountainside rocks which are readily available to be seen on a Fethiye, Turkey yacht charter.  

Dalyan River Lycian Cliff Tombs

Dalyan River Lycian Cliffside Tombs-Photo by Missy Johnston

Nearby Fethiye, is also the Dalyan River, where another stand of Lycian cliffside tombs can seen on a Dalyan River Trip, cruising up the Dalyan River from the river mouth, after being picked up in a flat bottomed river boat, with guide right at your private charter yacht.

These Lycian cliffside tombs are carved directly into the rocks and resemble small temples which are said to model the houses of ancient Lycians who inhabited the area long ago. The best way to see the ancient tombs are up close and personal—by taking a small trek outside of town, up into the hills, and climbing the two hundred steps that lead to the top. After reaching the tombs atop the mountainside, prepare to be taken back by gorgeous views of the little town below, the beautiful turquoise waters, and the surrounding tombs encased in the mountains. Choose Fethiye for your next private yacht charter destination for a yacht charter in Turkey to be wowed by beauty and history.

Cruising up the Dalyan River www.njcharters.com

Cruising up the Dalyan River-Photo by Missy Johnston

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Visit This Hidden Culinary Treasure in Dominica by Yacht Charter


Dominica Island

Dominica is known for adventure. People are drawn to this Caribbean island for scuba diving and snorkeling, extreme hikes to local lakes that boil with geothermal activity, river rafting, and canyoneering through crevasses that lead to waterfall-lined rivers. As such, it is an optimal private yacht charter destination, especially for those that want an action-packed charter. Something many might not know about the Dominican though, is that there is rich culinary history and high-class dining available on the island—perhaps the Caribbean’s best kept secret. One particular hidden gem is at the Zing Zing—a high-dining restaurant located at a boutique resort, Secret Bay. Here, there is a new head chef in charge, Chef Grant Lynott, who is determined to bring back authentic Domincan cuisine to the menu. One of the best ways to dine at Zing Zing is to visit Dominica by yacht charter.  

The Indian River

River Rafting in Dominica

Domincan cuisine today includes French and English influences, due to the attempted colonization of the island by France and England. There are traces of their influences left scattered throughout the island though the Domincans won sovereignty in the 1970’s. Chef Lynott is challenging his team of chefs to go back in time, prior to the French and English invading the island, to recreate high-class meals with authentic, native-grown ingredients. There are ingredients that can be found everywhere on the island growing naturally, rather than being meticulously planted. In many ways, Dominica Island remains untouched by the tourism industry seen on nearby islands which makes it a wonderful destination to visit—perfect for a private yacht charter vacation. 

Trafalgar Falls

Emerald Pool – Dominica

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Bodrum Turkey: A Luxurious Up-and-Coming Yacht Charter Destination

Bodrum Castle from Hillsides

Bodrum Castle from Hillside

There’s an up-and-coming yacht charter destination that rivals the likes of Bali or Mykonos. Bodrum, Turkey is becoming a top yacht charter destination for yachting fanatics, billionaires, and even royalty. Dubbed the “St. Tropez of Turkey” and one of 2020’s top travel destinations, Bodrum is located on the Bodrum Peninsula on Turkey’s southwest corner, on the gorgeous shores of the Aegean Sea. 

During the summer months, the marinas are filled with luxurious yachts—yet there is a sense of seclusion and privacy as many have not yet discovered this hidden gem. Though it has been overlooked by Americans, many Europeans have been visiting this port for years, enjoying its luxury hotels, beach clubs, and the abundance of yachts floating in the crystal blue waters. Not only is Bodrum known for being a port filled with luxury yachts, it is also known for its early 15th-century castle built by the Crusading Knights. Within this virtually fully intact fortress is an outstanding underwater archaeology museum. See exhibits of artifacts and remains of ancient ships that have been excavated off the coast of Bodrum in the waters along the Ancient Trading Route. 

View from Bodrum Castle (6) www.njcharters.com

View from Bodrum Castle-Photo Credit Missy Johnston

Bodrum is also known for its quaint side streets, its bountiful markets where fresh fish, dried fruits, herbs, vegetables, local cheeses, olives, and olive oils are sold by local vendors, and its very colorful bazaar, where shopping reigns by day and night club fun reigns by night.

Bodrum is becoming a top “under-the-radar” luxury travel destination and is the perfect port for a private yacht charter vacation. After visiting Bodrum, cruise around the end of the peninsula to anchor in the bay in front of the village of Turk Buku—a much smaller village filled with floating bars and restaurants, chic shops, and boutiques, all lining the one and only street. This is the more relaxed version of Bodrum, and is just an anchorage or two away. Skip the overcrowded beaches of Mykonos or Bali and plan a visit to Bodrum, Turkey.

Turk Buku Seaside Cafe and Bay www.njcharters.com

Turk Buku Seaside Cafe and Bay-Photo Credit Missy Johnston

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Yacht Charter Heaven in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands

Bay of Islands New Zealand yacht charter njcharters.com

Bay of Islands New Zealand

The New Zealand Bay of Islands is the perfect yachting destination for any ocean-lover. Filled with white sandy beaches, tall towering trees, and luscious green hills that can be seen for miles, this is a yacht charter location where you will have no trouble relaxing. Once considered the colonial heart of New Zealand, the tiny towns that fill the islands will give you a look into the history and culture of the country. Visit the Waitangi Treaty Grounds near Paihia to see where New Zealand’s modern history began or visit the towns of Russel and Kerikeri to get a taste of the once British Colony.

Waitangi Treaty Grounds, Bay of Islands, New Zealand www.njcharters.com

Waitangi Treaty Grounds, Bay of Islands

The Bay of Islands Maritime Park is definitely a “must-see” while you’re here. This stretch of 144 islands are home to crystal-clear waters, dolphins, and whales. Many choose to travel north of Auckland simply to visit the Maritime Park. Around the towns of Russell and Paihia, enjoy sea kayaking tours, swim in private coves, and snorkel or scuba dive for an up-close view of the diverse marine life. You can also tour Cape Brett and the bay’s Hole in the Rock formation—a very popular destination on the islands.

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Andros Island, An Untouched Paradise for Your Next Yacht Charter Destination

The Island of Andros, Bahamas

The Island of Andros

Adventure and beauty are calling your name on the island of Andros—an island located in the Bahamas. This nearly untouched island is the largest of the Bahamas, at roughly 100 miles long. It is easily accessed by private yacht charter. The island is stunning, as most of it is uninhabited. There are many stretches of unspoiled land on the island, including free-flowing creeks, deserted beaches, and exotic wildlife. A trip to Andros Island offers a rare opportunity to become connected to nature in a way that you probably haven’t done before. 

Snorkeling in the Bahamas

There is no shortage of mystery and wonder that surrounds Andros as well. There is believed to be an underwater 75-foot monster, Lusca, who dwells in the ocean waters. There’s Morgan’s Bluff—the presumed location of a hidden buried treasure from one of the Caribbean’s most feared pirates, Sir Henry Morgan. Perhaps one of the most beautiful wonders of the island though available for snorkeling from your private charter yacht, is the Andros Barrier Reef—the third largest living organism on the planet. Because this island is almost completely uninhabited, this 190-mile reef is in pristine condition with an abundance of fish, whales, and coral for you to explore. 

In its natural habitat a bonefish is swimming in the grass flats ocean

The Elusive Bonefish

For the fisherman looking for great sport, bonefishing is at its finest in the saltwater flats around Andros Island, considered a world class bonefishing destination. From your anchored charter yacht, head out with a local bonefishing guide who will supply a flat bottomed boat, and all of the gear needed to stalk this elusive fish.

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