Yacht Charter Guide to Marlborough Sounds Wineries


Written by Missy Johnston

New Zealand Marlborough Sound

Marlborough Sound

The Marlborough Sounds area of New Zealand includes Queen Charlotte Sound, Kenpuru, and Pelorus Sounds. With more than 900 miles of coastline offering gorgeous views of lush green mountains, the waters contain numerous quiet coves and bays waiting to be explored on a private yacht charter trip. It would be easy to spend weeks here, with something new to see and do each and every day.


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Stop in Kas on a Private Yacht Charter Along the Southern Coast of Turkey


Written By Missy Johnston

Kas Harbor and Quay

Kas Harbor and Quay-Photo Credit Missy Johnston

A yacht charter trip along the southern coast of Turkey isn’t complete without a stop in Kas. The town is a well-known tourist spot along the coast and an excellent private yacht charter destination where visitors can get a glimpse into history while soaking in amazing panoramic views. 


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What to See and Do on a Yacht Charter to Rhodes


Written by Missy Johnston

Secluded Beach- Rhodes. Greece

Secluded Beach- Rhodes. Greece

Greece boasts a number of islands worth visiting on a private yacht charter, and Rhodes is one that has a lot to offer just about every traveler. From food to water sports to history, Rhodes has plenty to see and do—it’s no wonder vacationers have been stopping by yacht charter in Rhodes for decades. 


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Start Planning Your Private Yacht Charter to Secluded Parts of the Caribbean


Caribbean beach

Beautiful White Sand Caribbean Beach

In the market to plan a remote getaway with tropical vibes that include white sandy beaches, pristine waters, and gorgeous greenery? Look no further than the Caribbean islands. There is an abundance of remote islands that make up the Carribean—many of which are hidden gems and absolutely perfect for a private yacht charter vacation. Start planning now for a remote winter getaway on a private yacht charter; the winter weather in the Caribbean is always spectacular. 

Prime vacationing season for cruising in the Caribbean usually starts in December. Many private yachts are available for Thanksgiving though, which also happens to be a great week for a yachting charter vacation. We recommend visiting some of the hidden islands that are fairly remote and will allow for maximum privacy and relaxation on a luxury yacht charter in  the Caribbean.


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Wander the Historical Streets of Eze on Your Next Mediterranean Private Yacht Charter

View from The Exotic Garden Eze French Riviera njcharters.com

Eze, France

Eze, France is a quaint little town seated on a hilltop in the middle of Nice and Monaco—perfect for a day trip on your next Mediterranean private yacht charter. Eze offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea, lined by walled fortifications that are part of the ruins of a 12th century castle. The castle, originally built by the Romans and Moors, was used as a lookout for marauding pirates stealing inland from ships sailing along the coast. What’s left of the castle are beautiful cobblestone streets, weaving throughout the village, perfect for wandering by foot.

Village of Eze and Ochre Church French Riviera njcharers.com

Village of Eze and Ochre Church French Riviera

Anchoring near Villefranche, Beaulieu ul Mer, or Cap Ferrat will allow the captain to arrange a van and private guide to the village of Eze inland. There’s a little perfume factory that offers free tours as well, of perfumes hand made in nearby Grasse.

Walking Streets of Eze French Riviera njcharters.com

Walking Streets of Eze French Riviera

Wander through Eze on the cobblestone streets at your leisure—you won’t get lost. The village is small enough to walk through in an afternoon. Hike a little further up to the Exotic Garden for beautiful views of the French Riviera and a great photo opportunity of the Cote d’Azur. Enjoy the handful of cute little shops, hidden courtyards, boutiques, and art galleries while spending a glorious day in Eze.  Perhaps have lunch or dinner at the two star Michelin Restaurant La Chevre d”Or with Chef Arnaud Faye (reservations required). Visiting Eze should not be missed on a Mediterranean private yacht charter vacation. 

yacht charter, luxury yachts, Eze, France

Eze Narrow Alleyways

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Two Ways to Experience Great Exuma, Bahamas on Your Next Private Yacht Charter


Written by Missy Johnston

Great Exuma Island Coral Reef

Great Exuma Island Coral Reef

Great Exuma, Bahamas offers vacationers terrific and unique experiences when vacationing on a Bahamas private yacht charter. Spend the day scuba diving in the crystal clear waters with a PADI-certified scuba diving instructor and visit Angelfish Blue Hole. Located in an enclosed bay off Stocking Island, the waters around Angelfish Blue Hole are home to an abundance of eagle rays and sea turtles. Diving into the “Hole” requires scuba diving to a depth of 92 feet, with flashlights needed for visibility.

Great Exuma Island Beach njcharters.com

Great Exuma Island Beach

After spending the day scuba diving, working up an appetite, head ashore to try the local cuisine. Visitors delight in the “no hurries, no worries” signs that are found throughout the island’s Fish Fry—a selection of food vendors that serve local specialities such as snapper, fries, peas and rice, and lobster.  Enjoy casual eating, drinking, and relaxing. Along the marina in Georgetown is Choppy Waters. The seating at Choppy Waters overlooks the marina and the food selection is local cuisine at its finest including plantains, BBQ chicken, fresh caught snapper, and fries. Make Great Exuma, Bahamas your next Bahamas private yacht charter vacation for fun, food, and relaxation.

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Visit the Pink Lake and Natural Spa of Las Salinas de Torrevieja on Your Next Private Yacht Charter


Picturesque view of Las Salinas. Salt lake of Torrevieja

Las Salinas. Salt lake of Torrevieja

Tucked away in Valencia, Spain is the natural park of Las Salinas de Torrevieja—a gorgeous pink-water lake-one of the most impressive natural parks of Valencia, and not to be missed on a private yacht charter along the Spanish Costa del Azahar. The natural phenomenon of rose-tinted water is possible thanks to the archaeas (a micro-organism) and dunaliellas (micro-seaweeds) found in the lake giving the entire lake its pink-colored hue and the pink to the color of the feathers of the local lamingos that dine on these micro-organisms.. Adding to the “wow” factor are the huge mountains of salt piled high along the shore line gathered from the lake that has been sold for centuries.  Be sure to pick up some natural Torrevieja salt for yourself. 


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A Getaway in Mount Desert Island by Private Yacht Charter


Bar Harbor Maine

Bar Harbor, Maine

Mount Desert Island is Maine’s largest island and home to Acadia National Park, one of the most treasured national parks in the United States. Take a week away from the busyness of everyday life to enjoy nature, freshly caught seafood, and luxury for a Mount Desert Island  private yacht charter. There are a selection of quaint restaurants and pubs to choose from on Mount Desert Island if you want to try a meal or drink ashore, especially in Bar Harbor, as well as adorable shops, including wine shops where you can sample wines and gourmet cheeses.


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Experience the Magic and Wonder of Santorini by Private Yacht Charter


Written By Missy Johnston

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece is a beautiful place to visit during the summer especially on a Santorini private yacht charter. The views from Santorini are absolutely breathtaking—perhaps one of the main reasons to put Santorini on your bucket list. If you’re looking to visit Santorini privately with your friends or family, we highly recommend including Santorini on a Greek private yacht charter. Vacationers arriving by charter yacht can visit Santorini in the best manner possible, in luxury and privacy.  And there is nothing to compare to sailing into the Caldera on Santorini by private yacht surrounded by the extraordinary striated multicolored cliff sides. 

Sunsets are a main attraction and are easily viewed from aboard when on a Greek private yacht charter—but also from the small village of Oia, where sunset viewing is an art form. Enjoy a dinner of freshly caught seafood, delicious mezzes, and Greek olives and olive oil while sipping on a delectable glass of Greek wine, all with the Santorini sunset in the background at one of the many terrific tavernas. If you’d like to enjoy more wine—which is made the same way it was by the Romans nearly 2000 years ago—book a private wine tasting or stop by Boutari Winery on the island to sample some of Greece’s finest.  

Fira Santorini - Greek Islands landmark with white village cobbled paths greek orthodox blue church and sunset over caldera. Cyclades Greece.

Santorini, Greece at Sunset

Don’t miss the ongoing archeological dig in Akrotiri, uncovering the remains of a once wealthy Minoan trading city, whose inhabitants fled just before the infamous volcanic eruption in 1646 BC. Ash and debris covered the village, which was buried for centuries until discovered in the 1800’s. Today, visiting the site—which is said to be an excavation of only 5 percent of the actual buried trading city—is fascinating. Be sure to visit the museum in Fira, housing artifacts found in the excavations including fabulous wall murals. 

Some of the quieter parts of the island, such as Southern Santorini and the black beaches on the outside of the island, are excellent for getting away from it all. Enjoy the magic and wonder of Santorini while relaxing in luxury, peace, and quiet aboard your Greek private yacht charter.

Santorini Greece, the Caldera

Santorini Greece, the Caldera

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Luxury Travel During COVID-19 on a Private Yacht Charter


Luxury Yachts in Secluded Harbor

Vacationing has changed this year due to the novel COVID-19 pandemic. Luxury travel during COVID-19, however, is still possible by private yacht charter, where you decide who to vacation with and you decide on the itinerary. Whether you stay remote, spend time ashore, or a combination of both is up to your discretion. A yacht charter vacation is a terrific trip to take for privacy, luxury, and fun. While private yacht charters have adopted all of the changes needed for COVID-19 including cleaning and operating protocols, the crew can also usually be COVID-19 tested before any charter, if requested. One thing remains constant about private yacht charter vacations—the opportunity to vacation in whatever manner you would like, all designed around your choices within your comfort zone. 

A private yacht charter is the perfect vacation to remain socially distant. Enjoy new scenery daily, while onboard your own private floating full service “hotel and restaurant.” The private crew is there to help make each charter a special experience. Enjoy water fun, drinks, excellent cuisine, stateroom service, and anything else needed so you don’t have to lift a finger.  It is, after all, your vacation. Below we share three reasons why taking a private yacht charter vacation could just be the best way to vacation during the coronavirus.


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