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Yacht Charter Reviews

We strive for a perfect on board yacht charter experience for each and every yacht charter.

Read our yacht charter reviews below and see what our clients say about their experiences with us!

The charter was wonderful!!
The boat, crew, islands and your recommendations were all spot on
Thank you !!!
Croatia is a beautiful country.
We loved the yacht and crew. They were just amazing!
-Friends Charter in Croatia-

Thank you Missy!!
It was so wonderful. The Captain and crew were all fantastic and we all became fast friends. Throughout the charter, we had many fun activities, along with water sports and time to relax. We really enjoyed the wonderful food onboard. We did experience the Meltemi Winds for a few days, but there were plenty of harbors on the lee side of the islands that the Captain knew and anchored in each day to avoid any rough seas that might have been created by the Winds. It was a great charter!
-Family Charter in the Cycladic Islands of Greece-

Our charter was the perfect way for three generations of our family to be on vacation together. Us old geezers, (me and Grandmom) were able to relax on board and enjoy the sun, while children and grandchildren ran at their own pace and enjoyed swimming, playing in the water, the beaches, and sliding down the water slide; it was go, go, go all day, with some exhausted but happy grandchildren at the end of each day. Grandmom and I could enjoy all from our comfortable loungers on the top deck. It was just fabulous. Great food, great crew, and loved the yacht. This could become an annual event.
-Family Charter, Three Generations, Caribbean-

Great! Great! Great! You recommended the right yacht for us! And the crew were terrific! It could not have been better!
-Couples charter in Italy-

How great this charter was is impossible to explain. I just hope everyone has the chance to experience the Galapagos once in their lifetime. We were so close to the wildlife, it was incredible. And our Naturalist was superb. We loved swimming with the penguins and sea lions. There is no other experience like the Galapagos!
-Family charter in the Galapagos-

It was FABULOUS! An experience the family will never forget. Our complements to the owner for a wonderful M/Y and especially for the crew who made our trip so memorable. Thank you again for helping us find the perfect Charter Yacht. Hopefully we can do this again soon.
-Family Charter Bahamas-

Happy New Year Missy. Trip was perfect. The boat and crew were A+. I loved the deep sea fishing which was a first for me. The crew were awesome.
-Family Charter Caribbean-

Hi, our charter exceeded our expectations. Each crew member was wonderful. The Family had an outstanding time.
-Family Charter New England-

We had the most FANTASTIC time! I couldn’t have asked for a better trip and most importantly, there is NO better crew out there! The boat was also amazing, many thanks for all.
-Friends Charter in the Balearic Islands-

We had an outstanding time. The Captain was very professional, extremely skilled, knowledgeable, funny, and patient. And Sally? Need I say more? She was amazing, she came with me on my last 2 open water dives and made me feel so much more comfortable!! I can’t thank her enough for this. And she is so skilled at the bar, and helpful in every way. Love that girl!! Tammie is the sweetest person ever! Always aiming to please and always succeeding at that task! Jane, was very sweet, thoughtful, and very hard working! She does whatever needs to be done with grace, and continues to rise to the task at hand. We loved that James went golfing with Ted! They had the BEST day! Their “bro-mance” lasted the entire trip. Tom is a genius! He is one of those guys that can “wear every hat,”. Matt, our Chef was an artist! A Culinary Whiz! Everything he made was filled with love and pride. Saying we were sad to leave was an understatement! Since our week onboard, no food compares to Matt’s cooking 🙁

The only thing that could have been better, is if we had stayed longer with them 🙂
-Family Charter Caribbean-

Just home, and really miss the beautiful Society Islands. What a great time we had. I think Bora Bora is our most favorite island now in the world. The people were so nice. We were welcomed on board with leis and tossed our leis in the water at the end of the charter, to draw us back again. The yacht was perfect, and hard to beat the crew. Overall it was the perfect charter in the most perfect charter location with the most perfect crew!
-Couples Charter French Polynesia-

From the moment we stepped on board to the day we waved good-bye the charter was outstanding, there was never a moment of disappointment. We loved the crew, and consider them now part of the family.
-Family Charter Caribbean-

What an amazing charter location! We could not have asked for a better week! Alaska is truly spectacular! However we know we would not have seen half of what we saw if not for our great and very experienced crew. They knew where to go for us to see the whales bubble net feeding and explained everything to us as we watched. And the food was spectacular, especially those meals made from the salmon we caught, and the crab from the crab pots we helped set. This was an over the top experience and could end up as our most favorite charter ever. Seeing Alaska by private yacht is the only way to go. We pitied those on cruise ships we saw, way out on the horizon, while we were right next to the shoreline watching bears stroll along.
-Family Charter Alaska-

Every member of the crew was professional and they really anticipated our every need. The yacht and staterooms were spotless, the food was consistently delicious with outstanding presentation at every meal. I was fearful having asked for healthy meals (wasn’t sure all of our guests agreed!). The presentation was stunning and each meal was unique, healthy and deliciously memorable!
It was wonderful getting to see old favorite haunts and discover new ones. The flexibility of being able to choose our own way and spend as much time as we liked in any area was exhilarating. We were over the top satisfied with this method of traveling and can’t wait to do it again!
-Couples charter Caribbean-

Thank you for your recommendations. We loved our charter in the Balearic Islands and were so glad we included Ibiza! However were very glad we heeded your advice for a one way charter from Palma to Ibiza rather than cruising back to Palma to disembark. We had more time on the islands, rather than cruising. Great yacht! Great crew! And the food was stupendous
-Couples Charter Balearic Islands Spain-

What a fabulous charter. Beautiful boat, inside and out. Boat was clean, comfortable and well cared for. The Captain was fantastic. Low key and willing in every regard. Our Chef was equally competent. A good caring cook, and an able seaman. We ate like kings and queens, with everything coming out of a small stove and oven. I would charter the boat again in a minute if and when we charter again. Thank you for arranging a great charter for us.
-Family Cruising Charter in Maine-